Coming this Summer:
The Path to Dam Removal!
What's New?
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What is GTN Xpress Pipeline?
Webinar: 8/9 at noon

TC Pipeline, the company that brought you Keystone XL Pipeline, proposes to add 250 million cubic feet per day of fracked gas capacity to its GTN pipeline.

Brett, Lauren
Executive Director Transition
Starting August 1

Columbia Riverkeeper’s Board of Directors unanimously named Lauren Goldberg the organization’s new Executive Director.

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New Interactive Story:
"Water’s Walk Through Hanford”

Ever struggled to understand the details of the Hanford Nuclear Site’s greatest challenges? Follow the path of a raindrop flowing through the polluted site in our new accessible report, “Water’s Walk Through Hanford.” 

Insider Briefing
Supreme Court's Gift to Fossil Fuel Polluters

The Supreme Court has not—and will not—stop our ability to fight giant fossil fuel proposals. And WIN. 

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Lower Snake Dam Removal
Heating Up

We've had a busy summer working on Lower Snake River dam removal: 70 Oregon businesses sent a letter to Oregon electeds asking them to help remove the dams; activists organized a large water- and land-based rally in Portland, and the White House weighed in on solutions. Learn more and take action today.

Pollution Prevention Vocabulary
Grain Terminal to Pay

“Communities rely on the Columbia for clean water and strong salmon runs. Every company operating along this shared waterway must do its part to keep the river clean,” -Simone Anter, Columbia Riverkeeper.


Columbia Riverkeeper works to protect, restore, & care for the Columbia River.



How we do it:


We protect Columbia River communities and habitat from new threats, such as fossil fuel export terminals and intensive industrial development.


We restore our right to clean water and healthy fish by reducing toxic pollution.


We care for the river by providing hands-on opportunities for diverse communities to engage with their river.

Love & Defend Clean Water Newsletter--Read it now!

Join Columbia Riverkeeper’s team in welcoming Lauren Goldberg as our new Executive Director and kicking off a summer full of protecting & restoring water quality from the Columbia's headwaters to the Pacific Ocean.


We use legal advocacy and community organizing to stop pollution, fight fossil fuel terminals, save salmon, build stewardship, and clean up Hanford.