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We unite people to fight for clean water and the climate.
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Columbia River near Vancouver, Washington showing water, mountain, and industry with a small kayaker in the background.
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Victory for Clean Water

“Today’s settlement is a big win for clean water and everyone who values the Columbia’s iconic salmon and the people and cultures that rely on them. Public ports have a critical role to play in keeping the Columbia swimmable and fishable for all.” -Lauren Goldberg, Columbia Riverkeeper

Group of children and adults at Nichols Natural Area.
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signs that say "FERC JUST SAY NO" and "GTN XPRESS" with a red strike through the words
Save the Date: 10/19
Potential Fracked Gas Decision

GTN Xpress project would add more fracked gas to an aging 1,354-mile pipeline that cuts through Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) decision is now delayed until at least October 19.

Image of the 2023 film Oppenheimer cover. Image is covered in a red hue and depicts actor in center stage with machinery, likely atomic bomb related. The word Oppenheimer is listed on the bottom in clear, uppercase red font.
We Need to Talk
About Oppenheimer

Insight on Victims of Nuclear Weapon Use

salmon crowded together underwater, rocks below them. The water is clear and the salmon are a dark reddish brown color. The rocks are somewhat yellow green like algae.
Trucking Salmon
Legal Action

“Healthy fisheries are vital to Tribes, river communities, and Oregon’s culture and economy; they deserve the highest level of protection. It’s disappointing to see ODFW weaken those protections without explaining why or asking for public or Tribal input” -Miles Johnson, Columbia Riverkeeper

Fossil Fuel Projects Map on the Lower Columbia River
What if you could stop tons of pollution?
You can.

Preventing new fossil fuel infrastructure is a critical task to protect our climate.


Columbia Riverkeeper works to protect, restore, & care for the Columbia River.



How we do it:


We protect Columbia River communities and habitat from new threats, such as fossil fuel export terminals and intensive industrial development.


We restore our right to clean water and healthy fish by reducing toxic pollution.


We care for the river by providing hands-on opportunities for diverse communities to engage with their river.


Salmon Unite Us: Join the Fight for Recovery


We use legal advocacy and community organizing to stop pollution, fight fossil fuel terminals, save salmon, build stewardship, and clean up Hanford.

2022 Impact Report

From protecting vital salmon habitat to slashing toxic pollution to stopping fossil fuel infrastructure, you made an impact in 2022.