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The Columbia Riverkeeper's Grassroots Canvass Team engages the public in Columbia River issues, shows people how to get involved, and helps raise funds.

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Alex Smith, Assistant Canvass Director

Alex Smith

Alex's favorite part of his job is providing opportunities for people to get involved in issues they care deeply about. He not only enjoys protecting, and preserving our river, but also working on important issues that matter greatly to the Columbia Riverkeeper family. Alex identifies supportive people who want to join Riverkeeper and help us secure the future of all our rivers.

Fred Harmon, Grassroots Canvasser

Fred Harmon

As a young adult Fred moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Portland, Oregon to attend seminary and to enjoy the beautiful outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. As a member of the Columbia Riverkeeper canvassing team Fred considers it an honor and privilege to help protect and preserve the Columbia River and the Beautiful Pacific Northwest that he has now called home for over three decades.

Lindsey Myers, Grassroots Canvasser

Lindsey Myers

Lindsey studied Marine Science at East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, and is a new arrival in the Pacific Northwest. She has an extensive background as a researcher, advocate, and volunteer for multiple environmental projects ranging from organizing river cleanups on the Iowa River, to educating visitors in the San Juan Islands about marine life and natural history. She is excited to bring her enthusiasm and passion for protecting marine wildlife and our nation’s waterways to our canvass team, and we are equally excited to welcome her on board!

Aakash Upraity, Grassroots Canvasser

Aakash Upraity

Prior to completing his master’s degree in environmental studies, Aakash spent time in Southeast Asia where he worked on projects ranging from human wildlife conflict and disaster resilience to political instability and climate change awareness and adaptations. Originally from Nepal, a country as diverse as it is beautiful, Aakash brings a unique, multi-cultural perspective to our work on the Columbia River and environmental conservation.  He is committed to advancing change through building relationships and community outreach.  We couldn’t be happier to have him working with us.

Olivia Patick, Grassroots Canvasser

Olivia Patick

Following an internship with our sister organization, Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper, Olivia worked with the US Forest Service and the National Park Service as an Interpretive Ranger. She has a solid background in promoting environmental stewardship through face-to-face interactions with the public, and particularly enjoys the challenge of bringing locals together under the common goal of protecting the Columbia River. “Riverkeeper taught me it’s dedication and passion that allows non-profits to succeed while also inspiring me to advocate for my local waterways.” Welcome to the club, Olivia!

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