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Cascade Natural Gas: End Contract with GTN!

Join us in sending a strong message to Cascade Natural Gas: your customers do not support the GTN XPress project!

For two years, communities across the Northwest have been fighting a proposed fracked gas expansion project from TC Energy called GTN XPress. Cascade Natural Gas customers – from Bend to Bellingham and around the Northwest – do not consent to financing this destructive and dangerous project.

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Dear Cascade Natural Gas,

I am writing to you as a concerned customer regarding Cascade Natural Gas’s contract with Gas Transmission Northwest (GTN) for gas from the GTN Xpress expansion. We are aware that the terms of the existing agreement between GTN and Cascade may be up for renegotiation and we understand that Cascade has the opportunity to sunset its GTN Xpress contract in November. As your customer, I do not want my rates to pay for the GTN Xpress pipeline project.

Recently, the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission criticized Cascade’s investment in GTN Xpress and the Oregon Public Utility Commission expressed caution about the investment. I strongly urge Cascade to refrain from entering into negotiations that are less advantageous as well as detrimental to the environment and the economic stability of our communities.

Additionally, I urge Cascade to terminate its contract with GTN in November. This move would reinforce Cascade’s commitment to sustainability and its customer base.

Cascade’s decision to avoid contract negotiations that harm ratepayers is not only prudent, but necessary in order to align with the values that we hold as a community. Renegotiating or extending the GTN Xpress contract will make it more difficult for Cascade to comply with forthcoming climate policy regulations that will impose emissions requirements.

Thank you for your consideration, we look forward to the actions that Cascade will take to protect its customers and promote a sustainable future.

What else should you know?

In the past three years, both Washington and Oregon have taken major steps to curb our region’s reliance on climate-polluting fracked gas. Case in point: both states have passed laws requiring a complete phase out of fossil fuel generated retail electricity. Yet, TC Energy is full steam ahead with plans to expand its Gas Transmission Northwest (GTN) pipeline by up to 250,000 dekatherms per day (Dth/d). That’s enough gas to service 1.2 million households each day. Read more

Want to learn more about TC Energy’s plan?

Columbia Riverkeeper sat down with Barbara Bernstein to discuss the expansion project, click here to listen to the recording.