Pollution Prevention Curriculum

Welcome to Columbia Riverkeeper’s Hub for Teaching Pollution Prevention to Middle School Students.

We offer four free, easy-to-implement science units that tackle important environmental issues and inspire action by empowering students with the tools to make a difference. Students will learn to define problems, evaluate evidence, and develop their own solutions.
Grades: 6-8

Focus: pollution, stormwater, microplastics, riparian habitats, human impacts, solutions

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These curriculum units are WONDERFUL, very relevant, and very helpful!. We will share them with educators who will definitely use them. I'm a curriculum nerd and I find these units to be awesome and very creative. The fact sheets are also super helpful. Again, thank you for spending the time and energy to create these resources. As you may know, the #1 thing that teachers request as they implement environmental justice education is lesson plans, so these are a big deal!