The Fight Against Fossil Fuels

The Fight Against Fossil Fuels: What’s Happening and What’s Next

Fight Against Fossil Fuels Webinar

Learn the latest on fracked gas and oil development proposals along the Columbia—and how we’re fighting to protect the river and our climate. Interested in learning more about Columbia Riverkeeper’s efforts to stop dirty fossil fuels? Join a conversation with our conservation director, Dan Serres, and staff attorney, Erin Saylor, as they discuss the status of our current work to protect the Columbia River from fossil fuel infrastructure like pipelines and refineries. Topics covered will include the Kalama methanol refinery, Zenith Energy, Port Westward, the Perennial fracked gas power plant, and others.


The Fight Against Fossil Fuels: What's Happening and What's Next? 

January 14, 2021, 6 p.m.


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