Protect Farms at Port Westward

Join Us to Learn More about the Effort to Protect Farmland and Clean Water From Fossil Fuels and Heavy Industry at Port Westward


Port Westward’s future should taste like blueberries, smell like fresh grown mint, and sound like clean water gurgling into salmon habitat.

The Port of Columbia County is working towards a different future - one where farmland and salmon habitat gets converted to heavy industry and a major fossil fuel export hub. For almost a decade, Columbia Riverkeeper and our allies in Columbia County have advocated for a better, healthier future for Port Westward and Columbia County. We think oil trains, coal trains, refineries, and eminent domain for pipelines are bad ideas for the community and the River. We prefer the farms, clean energy, and salmon—and the jobs they bring.

Join us to learn more about this issue in a webinar led by Dan Serres, Conservation Director with Columbia Riverkeeper, and Jasmine Zimmer-Stucky, Working Lands Engagement Coordinator with 1000 Friends of Oregon, with participants from Columbia County who have long battled the Port’s polluting plans at Port Westward.

Our communities need jobs, salmon, clean water, and farms. We can work together to make this happen.

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