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Watch and learn from virtual events featuring our incredible environmental lawyers, community organizers, scientists, and partners who work every day to protect the Columbia. Get inspired to fight for clean water and our climate.

Hanford webinar image of three speakers and a pink background
Investigative Journalist Breaks Down Hanford
A Conversation with Joshua Frank

Join Columbia Riverkeeper, and award-winning author Joshua Frank in conversation about Frank’s new book, “Atomic Days: The Untold Story of the Most Toxic Place in America”. This webinar dives into Frank’s research to explore the connections between U.S. militarism, environmental destruction, climate change, and the myths of nuclear technology.

Image of four speakers and a blue slide in the background
Working with Tribes:
Best Practices for Nonprofits Working with Tribal Nations

A rich discussion around Tribal sovereignty, and the significance of considering sovereignty as nonprofits with work that impacts Tribes, approaches nonprofits should consider to respectfully engage with Tribes, how nonprofits can incorporate practices that prevent harm to Tribal Nations’ rights and more.

Hanford Spooky Webinar Speakers
Spooky Stories from the Hanford Nuclear Site

Radioactive alligators, burping tanks, clandestine surveillance, and a glowing fish lab?! Columbia Riverkeeper and Hanford Challenge offer stories of the scary, creepy, and downright strange happenings at the nuclear site as told through the stories of those who have experienced them.

Bradford Island
Environmental Justice and Public Health:
The Columbia’s Newest Superfund Site

A dynamic discussion featuring cultural and science experts from Yakama Nation Fisheries Program. This discussion reviews the history, significance, pollution and environmental justice impacts on the Columbia's newest Superfund Site Bradford Island. Get inspired to make a difference now. 

Driven to Extinction:
Tire Chemicals and Salmon

For decades, researchers have puzzled over an alarming phenomenon in Seattle-area streams in the Puget Sound: a large proportion of adult coho salmon die before they get the chance to spawn. Then, in 2020, scientists pinpointed the pollutant responsible for the coho deaths. Learn the latest information on this growing concern.

Breaking Down Forever Chemicals
What are PFAS?

Perfluorinated chemicals (PFAS) are synthetic chemicals used in a wide variety of consumer products. They’re called forever chemicals because they don’t break down, but it’s time for us to break up with them.

11/2 webinar
The Fight for Fishing Rights
On the Columbia

Emily Washines (MPA and scholar is an enrolled Yakama Nation tribal member and Columbia Riverkeeper board member) and Tom Keefee (attorney who represented “Salmonscam Five”) reflect on the infamous Fish Wars and the case of Salmonscam Five over Native fishing rights.

Plastic Pollution Graphic in the River
Microplastics & the Columbia River
A Not So Tiny Problem

Research Scientist Kirsten Kapp shares groundbreaking research on microplastic pollution in the Columbia River.

columbia river basin map
Climate and the Columbia:
Lessons from the Past for the Future

Dr. Maureen Walczak and Dr. Alan Mix, environmental scientists at Oregon State University, share their research on the history of climate and flows on the Columbia River—spanning 20,000 years!

Boats at Hanford, photo by Evan Abell, Yakima Herald-Republic
What is the Latest on the
Hanford Nuclear Site Cleanup?

Staff Attorney Simone Anter gives a history lesson about the former nuclear site nestled along the Columbia’s banks, and shares why it is a place worth fighting for.

Deena T. Grossman, Rory Cowal
Virtual Classical Music Concert
Music for the River

Join Columbia Riverkeeper’s composer-in-residence Deena T. Grossman for a virtual concert, discussion, and fundraiser.

“The Intersectional Environmentalist”
Virtual Book Talk with Author Leah Thomas

Looking for ways to dismantle systems of oppression in the environmental movement? How about an introduction to the intersection between environmentalism, racism, and privilege? 

9/18 webinar
Restoring the River:
What a New Superfund Site on the Columbia Means for Public Health and Clean Water

What's next for Bradford Island? Learn how you can get engaged featuring speakers from Yakama Nation Fisheries, EPA Region 10, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Finding Strength in Nature:
Turning to the Columbia to Persevere in the Pandemic

Virtual forest bathing session featuring Licensed Professional Counselor Zoë Presley.

golden eagle flying
Debate on Tribal Rights Heats Up:
Stand in Solidarity with the Yakama Nation

Rye Development proposes the Northwest’s largest pumped storage hydroelectric development along the banks of the Columbia River near the John Day Dam, threatening to destroy tribal cultural resources for speculative energy return. Join Columbia Riverkeeper Staff Attorney Simone Anter as we talk to Yakama Nation Tribal Councilman and a Kah-miltpa Band Member Jeremy Takala and Fisheries Biologist and Hydro-Coordinator at Yakama Nation Fisheries and a Ka-miltpa Band Member Elaine Harvey. 

Zenith rally, 2021, rick rappaport
Oil-by-Rail’s Last Stand:
The Zenith Energy Story

The City of Portland can stop a massive oil-by-rail terminal: Zenith Energy. The State of Oregon can, too. Hear about the oil industry's dismal year, how Tribes and Columbia River communities stopped the nation's largest oil-by-rail terminal in 2018, and why Zenith Energy took root in Portland. You'll walk away inspired to convince decisionmakers to stop Zenith’s fossil fuel hub. Featuring Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission Policy Analyst Julie Carter and Columbia Riverkeeper Staff Attorney Erin Saylor.

Michelle Nijhuis, Beloved Beasts
Conservation History for the Curious
“Beloved Beasts: Fighting for Life in an Age of Extinction”

Think you know conservation? Get the bigger picture. Join Columbia Riverkeeper Communications Coordinator Karina Sahlin and award-winning author Michelle Nijhuis for an intimate discussion on the history of modern conservation, from the early battles to save “fuzzy mammals” to the current fight to shift global priorities from extinction to abundance.

Bradford Island Logo
Forgotten Toxic Waste Dump:
The Bradford Island Story

Learn how the Biden administration could end decades of cleanup delay at one of the most toxic sites on the Columbia River: Bradford Island and surrounding waters. Yakama Nation science and policy experts, Davis Washines and Laura Shira, join Columbia Riverkeeper Legal and Program Director, Lauren Goldberg, for a deep dive into the U.S. government’s forgotten toxic waste dump near Bonneville Dam.


Call Out NW Fracked!
Saving Salmon:
What Will it Take to Save Salmon from Extinction

Speakers include: Dr. Sammy Matsaw, member of the Shoshone Bannock Tribes, Research Biologist, and Co-founder of River Newe; Columbia Riverkeeper’s Executive Director, Brett VandenHeuvel; Natural Resources Defense Council’s Senior Attorney, Giulia Good Stefani; and Defenders of Wildlife’s Northwest Representative, Robb Krehbiel. Get up to speed on how people are coming together with new approaches to protect the Northwest’s iconic salmon, including  a groundbreaking plan from Representative Mike Simpson.

Environmental advocacy webinar poster v2
Environmental Advocacy:
Perspectives from the Comunidad Latina

Columbia Riverkeeper Senior Organizer, Ubaldo Hernández, hosts panel discussion with Lisa Muñoz, Program Director of Comunidades, Ana Molina from Beyond Toxics, and Dominica Navarro from Northwest Alternatives to Pesticides. Hear perspectives on the environmental advocacy movement and discuss how their organization’s are working to prevent pollution and protect people’s health. 

Homebodies and Waterbodies:
How what you use in your home impacts the river

Dr. Arlene Blum, Executive Director with the Green Science Policy Institute, shares about the harmful chemicals found in household items, how they end up in the river, their impacts, and what you can do.

Tardeada de Poesia
Poetry Workshop
“Tardeada de Poesia” in Spanish with Washington State Poet Laureate

Claudia Castro Luna hosts a kid-friendly poetry workshop in Spanish focusing on themes around the environment and river ecosystems.  

Fossil Guels
The Fight Against Fossil Fuels:
What’s Happening and What’s Next

Learn the latest on fracked gas and oil development proposals along the Columbia—and how we’re fighting to protect the river and our climate. 

Highlighting our Heroes Video Series
A Video Series featuring Columbia Riverkeeper Partners and Activists
Heroes Video Series
October 22 - December 3

Once a week for eight weeks, check out our Youtube page or social media for new video releases highlighting the untold stories of grit and passion—and success

Jenny Lee
Heroes Part 1: Jenny Lee
Portland Clean Energy Fund

The deputy director of Coalition of Communities of Color, shares the historic effort to pass the Portland Clean Energy Fund ballot initiative. 

Cheryl Johnson, LNG Advocate for Columbia Riverkeeper
Heroes Part 2: Cheryl Johnson
NO LNG Campaign

Retired librarian and tireless Columbia Riverkeeper volunteer shares stories of how communities stopped multi-billion dollar liquefied natural gas terminals and pipelines.

Natalie Swan
Heroes Part 3: Natalie Swan (Yakama)
Hanford Nuclear Site

Natalie Swan (Yakama) pays tribute to her uncle and mentor, Atwai Dr. Russel Jim, who created a legacy fighting for Hanford cleanup, abundant salmon, and tribal and cultural sovereignty.

Heroes:Dan Serres
Heroes Part 4: Dan Serres
Millenium Coal

Columbia Riverkeeper's Dan Serres' behind the scene tales of the coal industry’s attempt to site North America’s largest coal export terminal along the Columbia’s shores will make your blood boil.

Arlene Burns,
Heroes Part 5: Arlene Burns
Stand Up to Oil Trains

Arlene Burns, mayor of the City of Mosier, OR! She recalls the catastrophe of an oil-train derailment and explosion that thrust her and the small town of Mosier into the national spotlight, and what helped activists rally to defeat a proposal to build the nation's largest oil-by-rail terminal along the Columbia.

Kat Brigham
Heroes Part 6: Kat Brigham
Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Umatilla Indian Reservation

Kat Brigham, chair of the Board of Trustees of the Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. Chair Brigham reflects on the decades-long fight for tribal fishing rights on the Columbia, the successful campaign to convince Oregon to adopt the nation’s most protective water pollution limits, and a lifetime breaking barriers for Indigenous people and women. 

Heroes Part  7 Lorri Epstein and  Ubaldo Hernández
Heroes Part 7 Lorri Epstein and Ubaldo Hernández
Nichols Natural Area

Our heroes video series rounds out with two from Columbia Rivekeeper's amazing community engagement team: Ubaldo Hernández & Lorri Epstein. Tune in for a conversation about the power of access, equity, and community ownership in transforming Nichols Natural Area from a contaminated brownfield into a lush, riparian habitat where fish, wildlife, plants, and humans can all thrive.

2020 Webinar Recaps
One River, A Thousand Voices
Webinar Recap: Book Release Party
One River, A Thousand Voices by Claudia Castro Luna

We were joined by Claudia Castro Luna (author) and Tyrone Thompson Ross (Wyampum Nez Perce) for poetry readings and conversations to celebrate a special book release

Webinar Recap
Why Scientists Fear a Chernobyl-Like Catastrophe Could Happen at Hanford

We recently hosted a roundtable discussion about the frightening consequences that delayed cleanup could have at one of Hanford’s most high-risk facilities that houses one-third of all radioactivity

Kalama activists protesting at rally
Webinar Recap
Standing Up to Trump's Environmental Rollbacks

Learn from attorneys on the frontlines of litigation challenging the Trump administration’s efforts to dismantle laws that protect clean air and water

Six Images Love Your Columbia Webinar
Webinar Recap: Six Images
Our Journey with Water, Activism, and Social Justice

An inspiring conversation with two Native American civic leaders, Cathy Sampson-Kruse and Emily Washines, as they shared images and events that influenced their lives. 

Orcas, photo by NOAA Fisheries West Coast.
Removing Lower Snake River Dams to Protect Salmon and Orcas

Columbia Riverkeeper's Senior Attorney Miles Johnson shares a recap from the "Removing Lower Snake River Dams to Protect Salmon and Orcas" virtual presentation.

Love your Columbia
Webinar Recap
How to Protect Doing What You Love During COVID-19

Tune in for conversations with our two community organizers, Kate and Ubaldo, as they dig deep about "How to Protect Doing What You Love During COVID-19."

conoce tu columbia
Conoce tu Columbia
Columbia, Riverkeeper’s bilingual Spanish-language radio show.

Tune in to Conoce tu Columbia, Riverkeeper’s bilingual Spanish-language radio show. Through inspiring interviews, music, and commentary, the program shares stories of people who protect our health and water from pollution. Listen live from 7 - 8 pm on Radio Tierra 95.1 FM Hood River or find archived episodes below.

Need inspiration?
Simone Anter
Environmentalists for Black Lives Matter

In a powerful essay, Columbia Riverkeeper’s staff attorney, Simone Anter, Jicarilla Apache and Yaqui, explores and articulates how Black Lives Matter is inextricably tied to environmentalism.

Lorri Epstein
FAQs on COVID-19 & Water Quality

Water Quality Director, Lorri Epstein, discusses questions around water quality and COVID-19.

Kate Murphy
Finding Our Footing in Times of Uncertainty

Community Organizer, Kate Murphy, shares resources to support our communities during COVID-19.

Brett VandenHeuvel Staff Photo
Thank You for Doing Your Part

Executive Director, Brett VandenHeuvel, reflects on this difficult time.

Celebrate Major Milestones in Our Fights Against Fossil Fuels!
Standing Up to Trump's Rollbacks

How our team of attorneys and community organizers are hard at work, responding to a flurry of federal actions to gut environmental and public health protections. 

Lauren Goldberg Staff Photo
My Not-So-Quiet NPR Interview

Legal & Program Director, Lauren Goldberg, shares how she's balancing the roles as an environmental attorney and a parent of two energetic kids.

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