States, Federal Agencies Raise Major Concerns with LNG Export

It doesn’t look like a very merry Christmas for LNG speculators. A Christmas Eve deadline did not stop state and federal regulators from giving the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) an earful on Oregon LNG's latest export plans. In the first public comment period on Oregon LNG’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) export proposal—including over 200 miles of new high-pressure natural gas pipelines—officials from across the Pacific Northwest expressed grave concern about LNG’s impacts to consumers, state and federal land, public health, and salmon recovery. And that’s just the beginning.

Check out Columbia Riverkeeper’s press release & commentsAlso, see what state and federal regulators, cities, counties, and citizens have to say about LNG:

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

State of Washington Department of Ecology

State of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Washington State Department of Natural Resources

Cowlitz County, Washington

Oregon Department of Forestry

State of Oregon Department of Justice

City of Warrenton, Oregon

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UPDATE: Good News! FERC Grants Extension for Oregon LNG Comment Period

On November 1st, at the request of Senators Wyden and Merkley and also Columbia Riverkeeper, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued a significant extension of the scoping period for the Oregon LNG and Washington Expansion projects. The new deadline for submitting written scoping comments is December 24th. The added time will allow members of the public to become more informed and engaged in the LNG export issue. The scoping comment period is meant to identify important issues for FERC to address in its environmental review, and we encourage you to tell FERC why the Oregon LNG export project is wrong for Oregon and the entire Pacfiic NW.


Join Citizens Across the Northwest: Say NO to LNG

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) export and associated pipelines threaten farms, forests, and salmon across the Pacific Northwest. Oregon LNG wants to export natural gas at its proposed LNG terminal in Warrenton, OR and, along with the Williams Pipeline Company, build hundreds of miles of new pipeline across Oregon and Washington. Now is your chance to tell the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) how LNG will impact your property, livelihood, and the Pacific Northwest.  
Columbia Riverkeeper prepared a Citizen's Guide to help you navigate FERC's National Environmental Policy Act Scoping Process as well as learn more about Oregon LNG's plans.  

Click here to get the Citizen's Guide.



Submit Written Comments by December 24th*

Tell FERC how LNG export will impact your life and livelihood.  When submitting comments, pictures, maps, and documents, make sure to include the FERC Docket Numbers: PF12-18-000 for the Export Project and PF12-20-000 for the Williams Pipeline


Click here to submit a comment through FERC’s website.


Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary FERC 888 First Street, Room 1A Washington, DC 20426


 *If you'd like to submit comments c/o Columbia Riverkeeper, you can do so by December 19th. Details below.


Submit comment to FERC c/o Columbia Riverkeeper by December 19th


Mail: Columbia Riverkeeper, 111 Third Street, Hood River, OR 97031


It's important to take these additonal steps:

1) Letters to the editor

Copy or tweak your FERC comments and send them to the following papers as a letter to the editor:

Daily Astorian:, 450 words

Columbia Press of Warrenton:

Oregonian:, 150 words max (It would also be helpful to comment on their various blogs.)


2) Contact your elected officals

Copy your FERC comments and/or letter to the editor submission to Oregon's senators as well as Governor Kitzhaber. Contacting your representatives via email is the fastest way to get in touch with them.




Phone: Governor's Citizens' Representative Office (503) 378-4582


Governor Kitzhaber Attn: Citizens' Representative 160 State Capitol 900 Court Street Salem, Oregon 97301-4047




Phone: (503) 326-7525


Senator Wyden 911 NE 11th Ave., Suite 630 Portland, OR, 97232




Phone: (503) 326-3386

Fax: (503) 326-2900


Senator Merkley 121 SW Salmon Street, Suite 1400 Portland, OR, 97204 


Questions? Contact Dan Serres, Columbia Riverkeeper's Conservation Director, at


Learn more and support Riverkeeper's work to stop LNG exports in the Northwest.