New LNG Export Plan Takes Shape


Oregon LNG has a new accomplice in its plan to ship North American natural gas to Asia – the Williams Northwest Pipeline company.

Oregon LNG has re-launched an effort to export North American natural gas to Asia via its proposed massive terminal in Warrenton, Oregon. At the proposed terminal, Oregon LNG would super-cool natural gas into liquefied natural gas (LNG). Oregon LNG would receive gas through a pipeline from Woodland, Washington to Warrenton. This proposal would increase energy costs for every Pacific NW resident and cross dozens of streams and rivers.

Simultaneously, the Williams Northwest Pipeline has announced a pipeline proposal to ship natural gas to Woodland for export through the Oregon LNG proposal. Williams’ proposal, called the Washington Expansion Project, involves 140 miles of new pipeline from Whatcom County to Cowlitz County in Washington. The Washington Expansion Project is specifically designed to deliver gas to Oregon LNG so Oregon LNG can export natural gas to high-priced overseas markets.

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Oregon LNG and Williams have held “Open Houses”, events orchestrated by the companies to introduce their projects, in recent weeks. Many Oregonians and Washingtonians from Longview, Warrenton, Puget Island, Forest Grove, and Yamhill made the effort to attend these meetings and learn more about the proposals. We asked tough questions and probed the companies for details.

Additionally, Riverkeeper's own Executive Director, Brett Vandenheuvel, recently appeared before the Oregon State Court of Appeals to support the authority of Clatsop County Commissioners, who voted to reconsider and reject the Oregon LNG pipeline over one year ago. The Court of Appeals decision could critically influence the future of Oregon LNG’s project.

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Looking ahead, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) will hold scoping hearings about the joint Oregon LNG/Williams Washington Expansion proposal. These hearings are led by FERC, and they provide a platform for residents of the Pacific NW to raise our concerns about LNG exports on the Columbia River. Our concerns include: damage to rivers and streams, increased energy costs from exporting LNG to high-priced overseas markets, public safety at the terminal and along the pipeline, and the use of eminent domain on private property. We expect scoping hearings to occur soon, and will provide more information as soon as we hear from FERC. Please contact Riverkeeper's Conservation Director, Dan Serres, if you are interested in being notified about these hearings.

This is a project the Northwest does NOT need or want.


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