Attention Hanford Citizen Scientists

In an attempt to make cleanup progress more transparent to the public, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has released an online interactive Hanford cleanup mapping tool. The PHOENIX (PNNL Hanford Online Environmental Information Exchange) application allows users to access different GIS maps related to underground waste tanks located in central Hanford as well as areas of the Hanford site that are impacted by contaminated groundwater. Citizen scientists can use the maps to query information, perform analysis of sites, understand Hanford contamination visually and even export personalized maps.

The Tank Farm application is a condensed view of the single-shell and double-shell underground tank inventory. Information available includes information on leak status and stabilization of the tanks, past and current in-tank sensor data such as surface level and temperature readings, and tank waste transfer history, to name just a few of the features.

This map shows the tank integrity of the underground single- and double-shelled tanks.

PHOENIX Groundwater
The groundwater application has a number of features that allow the public to create groundwater plume maps based on queries. Not only can a user choose their map view (aerial, hybrid, dark grey, ect.) but they can also add individual layers to create unique maps. Some of the layers include locations of facilities, wells and borings, and groundwater interest areas. There is also a great bookmark tool which zooms to specific cleanup areas of the Hanford site in the Central Plateau and along the River Corridor. Another cool and very informative feature is the ability to see how groundwater plumes have changed over time.


View of the injection wells used to form a protective barrier to prevent hexavalent chromium from entering the Columbia River.


The U.S. Department of Energy provides instructions and exercises for users to become more comfortable using these applications. So put your science cap on, visit the site today and explore all of the features the maps have to offer. It’s fun!

Go here ( to access PHOENIX.