Protect our river from nuclear waste: take action today

The Columbia River needs your help to prevent radioactive pollution from reaching the river. Take action today.

Urge Washington State leaders to stand strong to force Hanford cleanup today!

Now through July 19, 2015, KOIN News will show Public Service Announcements featuring Columbia Riverkeeper.  Now is the time to clean up Hanford nuclear waste before it is too late.

Donate to Columbia Riverkeeper today to push for fast and thorough cleanup of radioactive pollution.

Watch the PSAs:

  • Stand up for a clean and healthy Columbia
    "Our beautiful Columbia River flows through the heart of the most contaminated place in America—the Hanford nuclear site. It’s time to clean it up. Join Columbia Riverkeeper to stand up for a clean and healthy Columbia."
  • Protect our river from nuclear waste
    "At the Hanford nuclear site, salmon spawn in the Columbia River right next to decommissioned nuclear reactors. Join Columbia Riverkeeper to protect our river from nuclear waste."

What you can do to help: