Big News: Portland Measure 26-201 Passes


Portland Measure 26-201 Portland Clean Energy Initiative: Passes. City of Portland, Imposes surcharge on certain retailers; funds clean energy, job training.


Making history and expressing gratitude

PCEF victory

In a landslide victory, Portland voters came together for green jobs and healthy homes, and passed the first-ever clean energy fund for climate justice in the nation.

You voted, phone banked, knocked on doors, and spread the word about the Portland Clean Energy Initiative on social media. With everyone pitching in, the people of Portland built this victory. Thank you.

The Portland Clean Energy Initiative (measure 26-201) marks the first environmental initiative created and led by communities of color in Oregon history. Columbia Riverkeeper has immense gratitude for the Steering Committee of the Portland Clean Energy Initiative. 

We are honored to work alongside these organizations:

If you supported the Portland Clean Energy Initiative, I encourage you to support the Steering Committee organizations listed above. Visit their websites. Join their mailing lists. Get involved in their campaigns, and consider becoming a member. Also, check out the endorsements page for the Portland Clean Energy Initiative for a list of local businesses who are backing a clean energy future.

For years, you have held the line against the fossil fuel industry’s plan to turn the Columbia River into a dirty fossil fuel corridor. That work isn’t over. But for now, celebrate the passage of this historic ballot initiative knowing that, together, we will carry this victory forward and continue to mobilize for climate justice for all.