OPB "Think Out Loud" Talks Methanol

OPB "Think Out Loud" features debate about the world's largest fracked-gas-to-methanol refinery proposed in Kalama, WA.

In the news: "Methanol Plant" via OPB Think Out Loud, December 12, 2018. 

The public comment period closes soon for the environmental impact statement on a proposed methanol plant at the Port of Kalama. The plant would convert natural gas into methanol that would be shipped overseas. Kent Caputo is the Chief Commercial officer for Northwest Innovation Works, the company that would operate the plant. Jasmine Zimmer-Stucky is Senior Organizer for Columbia Riverkeeper, which has challenged the project’s permits.

Listen to the segment here: 

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During the segment Dave Miller referenced a few reports, read more:
  • Kalama methanol plant could increase global GHG emissions: A proposed methanol plant in Washington State could increase global greenhouse gas emissions and is likely inconsistent with a low-carbon future, according to a new report from the Stockholm Environment Institute.
  • Taxpayers May Soon Be on the Hook for a $2 Billion Fracked Gas Refinery via Pacific Standard Magazine: A federal loan guarantee means that the U.S. government—ultimately taxpayers—would agree to pay back NWIW's creditors if NWIW can't repay the loan that it took out to finance the construction of the refinery.