2018 Totem Pole Journey

Join the Lummi Nation's Totem Pole Journey this May! Help in sharing key messages of indigenous rights and environmental protection—help the Lummi bring Tokitae home!  

Join Together to Save the Salish Sea 

A one-of-a-kind indigenous-led journey is coming through your town this spring. Will you be there?
For countless generations, Pacific Northwest tribes have been courageous stewards of the environment. The Lummi in particular are a force to be reckoned with. They have taken on seemingly unstoppable foes - including an export terminal at Cherry Point - and won. And for the past five years, the Lummi Nation have traveled thousands of miles with massive custom-carved totem poles from the Nation’s world-famous House of Tears Carvers. 

Lummi Nation, Paul Anderson
Lummi Nation, Photo by Paul K. Anderson.

This May, the Lummi will embark on their 2018 totem pole journey, known as “Qwel Lhol Mech Ten”, (Our Shared Responsibility). This 9,000 mile, 23 day journey is designed with the goal of returning “Tokitae”, aka Lolita, a captive southern resident killer whale, from a Miami aquarium to her pod in the Salish Sea. While sharing the story of Tokitae and her importance, the Lummi will also focus on local indigenous-led efforts in the communities they visit. 

Upcoming "Our Shared Responsibility" totem pole journey tour stops: