Member Spotlight

June Member Spotlight: Stephan Leger, Portland Clean Energy Fund volunteer coordinator with Columbia Riverkeeper, coordinating, supporting, and training new volunteers to gather signatures to qualify the historic, clean energy initiative for the November ballot!

Stephan Leger
Stephan Leger

Stephan Leger graduated from Seattle University (SU) in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry and minor in math. His goal is to work for an entity where he can apply his analytical chemistry and research expertise to address environmental problems. At SU, Stephan’s chemistry research focused on synthesizing a class of molecules thought to have potential in treating cancer in one research project. In another research project, he worked to better understand pollutants found in natural waters (including pharmaceuticals and pesticides) and the rates at which these pollutants break down in sunlight mediated reactions. He also volunteered as a tutor to help elementary-school aged children gain greater access to math, reading, and writing instruction.
Stephan is motivated to support the Portland Clean Energy Fund because “it brings together two interconnected issues that I am passionate about: the environment and racial/social justice. At a time when the federal government is rolling back our already minimal progress on combating climate change and state governments are responding tepidly, it is up to us to act boldly and swiftly locally and I see this initiative as doing just that. It is an opportunity for us to proudly build the future we want in addition to fighting against attempts to take us backwards. The Portland Clean Energy Fund allows us to take significant action to fight climate change within our communities and to do so in a way that provides economic benefits to those who need them most: low income people and communities of color. I am very excited to be working on this effort and believe that it will be a model for many other cities to follow.”

Columbia Riverkeeper greatly appreciates Stephan’s contributions to the Portland Clean Energy Fund! If you would like to get involved, email today.