Celebrate! We're going to the ballot

Over 60,000 Portland voters helped the Portland Clean Energy Fund qualify for the November ballot. 

Find someone to high-five because we have great news!

PCEF kickoff party May 2018
Kickoff party, May 2018.

You’re part of a tidal wave of over 60,000 Portland voters that helped the Portland Clean Energy Fund qualify for the November ballot! You exceeded the signature goal by over 25,000—a sure sign of broad support for this historic ballot initiative.

Here’s what’s next: we know that the fossil fuel industry’s deep pockets are waiting to counter this clean energy initiative. The anecdote to their effort is people power. Sign up today for Portland Clean Energy Fund updates and stay tuned for opportunities to get involved in this incredible campaign!

Columbia Riverkeeper is proud to partner with frontline communities leading this incredible clean energy initiative. Get inspired: check out excerpts from a rally held earlier today at Portland’s City Hall to celebrate the campaign’s success.

Like many places in the United States, Multnomah County and the City of Portland have made a commitment to 100% renewable energy,” said Tony DeFalco, Executive Director of Verde, which builds environmental wealth in communities. “The Portland Clean Energy Fund is absolutely essential to reaching that goal and giving a boost to communities who have been harmed by the fossil fuel economy and left out of the current economic boom.” 

"Portlanders have shown us that they share our goal of bringing opportunity through good paying jobs in clean energy and renewable energy infrastructure like solar power to Portland’s most underserved communities,” said Portland Clean Energy Fund chief petitioner Reverend E.D. Mondainé, President of the NAACP Portland Branch and Pastor of the Celebration Tabernacle Church in North Portland." 

"Right now corporations are experiencing record profits while many communities in Portland are experiencing record poverty,” said Khanh Pham, Manager of Immigrant Organizing at the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO). “This measure will make billion-dollar corporations share some of those record profits with Portlanders who need it most.

The Portland Clean Energy Fund would raise more than $30 million per year to support new solar power and other renewable energy, energy efficiency housing upgrades, and other climate resiliency efforts. The measure includes living-wage job training for low-income Portlanders and people of color. The Portland Clean Energy Fund would be funded by a 1% business license surcharge that would only apply to mega-retailers with more than $1 billion per year in nation-wide gross revenue.

You’ve held the line against some of the nation’s largest fossil fuel proposals that have threatened clean air, the Columbia River, and our climate. Now it’s time to stand up for what we want to see in our communities instead: clean energy for all!