Member Spotlight

August Member Spotlight: Muralist Audie Fuller collaborated with Kalama, Washington residents to create a stunning piece of art opposing the dirty Kalama methanol refinery and pipeline proposal.

Downtown Kalama just got a lot more beautiful thanks the artistic talents of muralist Audie Fuller. Audie, who began creating murals in high school, is an avid advocate for the environment. Audie worked with Kalama residents to incorporate their design ideas into the mural, which now occupies two large picture windows on a downtown building. Her art is inspired by the earth, animals, and her eight-year-old daughter.

Will she be fighting these same dirty fossil fuel projects as an adult? Will there be whales or polar bears? Or will she grow up in a world that is recovering from a century of environmental exploitation? I hope that my art creates the latter.

Muralist Audie Fuller, Kalama, WA
Muralist Audie Fuller, with local activists in Kalama, WA

Next time you’re passing through Kalama, stop by to see her work located at 154 N. First Street, Kalama, Washington. If you need a mural in your home or public space, please contact Audie


A subsidiary of the Chinese Academy of Sciences called Northwest Innovation Works proposes building two of the world’s largest fracked-gas-to-methanol refineries in Kalama, Washington and Port Westward, Oregon. Methanol is a chemical used to make plastic or burned as a fuel. A single refinery could consume 320 million cubic feet of fracked gas per day, more than all other industrial uses in the State of Washington combined. Each refinery would emit more than 1 million tons of greenhouse gases from the smokestacks alone—and emit up to 7 million tons when “upstream” methane leakage is considered. 

Video tour of the new mural in Kalama