ACT: Save the Orcas

Urge Governor Brown to save the orcas.

Save the Orcas, Gov Brown Can Do Something

Ever wonder if the State of Oregon can do anything to save the struggling Southern Resident orcas? The answer: Yes! 

Governor Kate Brown has a rare opportunity to help orcas—and the Columbia and Snake rivers' iconic salmon runs. Urge Governor Brown to object to the Clean Water Act Section 401 certifications for nine Columbia and Snake river dams.

In a nutshell:
  • Starving orcas need Chinook salmon.
  • The southern resident killer whales (aka orcas) are on the brink of extinction, partially because they cannot find enough Chinook salmon to eat. 
  • Orca scientists point to the steep losses of the once large returns of Columbia River spring Chinook as being particularly harmful to the survival and reproduction of the orcas.
  • Despite these declines, Northwest salmon biologists also view the Columbia-Snake basin as among the best Chinook salmon restoration opportunities anywhere on the West Coast.
Take Action:

Recently the Seattle Times reported that two more orcas are on the brink of death. Let this dire news inspire action today. There is no one, easy solution to save the orcas or the Columbia Basin's salmon runs. Tackling hot water on the Columbia River and other serious water quality impacts from the dams is a critical step. Take action. 

Can you forward this petition to five friends or share the petition on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram? Governor Brown only has until February 1, 2019, to take action.