EPA’s Dangerous Plan to Increase Toxic Pollution in Washington Waters

Support clean water and protect people’s health: demand the Trump administration abandon its proposal to increase toxic pollution in Washington’s rivers. 

The Trump administration wants to increase toxic pollution in the Columbia River and other Washington waters. And we won’t stand for it. 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants to roll back rules that protect people who eat locally-caught fish. For decades, tribal nations and people across the Pacific Northwest demanded that Washington state and EPA protect public health. Finally, in 2016, EPA adopted laws that protect the majority of people that eat locally-caught fish.

Now the Trump administration plans to rewrite the law. The result: more toxic pollution like mercury and cancer-causing PCBs and dioxins in the Columbia and other rivers.

Columbia Riverkeeper is working in solidarity with tribal nations across the Pacific Northwest that oppose EPA’s proposal. You only have until October 7 to overwhelm EPA with public support for clean water. Act now. 


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