Speak Up for Port Westward

Speak up for Farms and the Columbia River at Port Westward!

The Port of Columbia County is continuing its ill-conceived push to transform over 800 acres of valuable farmland and Columbia River shoreline and forestland into an industrial shipping hub for fossil fuels and other heavy industries. This summer, the port produced a report painting a rosy picture of how a massive industrial district is compatible with nearby farms and homes. Port Westward is home to blueberry farms, mint farms, cattle operations, and salmon habitat. The Port of Columbia County claims that heavy industry will have no impact on these neighbors.

Take Action: Join us to speak up for farms and the Columbia River at Port Westward!
Port Westward

The port’s report on the compatibility of industrial projects and neighboring farms and salmon habitat draws inaccurate conclusions, and downplays the impacts of soil degradation, water pollution, and traffic impacts. Based on flawed analysis, the port proposes to move forward with a plan to convert 837 acres of farmland to industrial uses, such as oil train terminals, refineries, LNG facilities, and power plants. We need your voice to stop them.

Columbia County Commissioners can decide to deny the rezone request from the port. Public comment on this issue will begin on November 17. You will only have a few weeks to submit comments.

Check out Columbia Riverkeeper’s Fact Sheet.