Finding Our Footing in Times of Uncertainty

Community Organizer, Kate Murphy, Shares Resources to Support Our Communities During COVID-19.

Love, Fear, and Hope for the Future: Finding Our Footing in Times of Uncertainty

Kate Murphy
Kate Murphy, Community Organizer

Life looks very different today than it did just a few weeks ago. Naomi Klein got it right when she said it feels like we are living in dog years. I keep asking myself: Am I worrying too much? Not worrying enough? That is the nature of battling an invisible enemy. 

As a member of Columbia Riverkeeper’s team of community organizers, my job is to connect. Inspire. Spark change. My work will continue: the fossil fuel industry charges ahead and the Trump administration continues to gut environmental and public health laws. Today, I want to connect with you by sharing resources to support our communities during COVID-19.

If you have capacity to help members of your community, or if you are in need of assistance, check out the resources below. This is not an exhaustive list. 

Columbia River Gorge
Columbia County

The COVID-19 crisis amplifies existing inequities.

Case in point: One of the most protective actions health officials advise is to wash hands frequently. Meanwhile, our community members who are without homes often lack access to this most basic protective measure. Some of us are privileged enough to stock up on necessary supplies, but many in our community are not in a position to afford this type of preparation. And many fear going to the doctor because of immigration status. The list goes on.

Hand in hand with the despair I feel about COVID-19 comes an intense sense of gratitude. Every day I see acts of love. Neighbors help neighbors. Frontline medical workers risk their own health to care for others. Teachers support students with access to food and educational materials. Grocery workers work tirelessly. Community members join in song from the confines of their balconies and windows. Everywhere you look in the midst of this crisis, there is hope.

We are all in this together. My hope is that when we come out of this crisis, it will be with the resolve and determination not to return to business as usual. We are at a pivotal moment in history and, more than ever, what we do now matters. This crisis drives home that we have to do everything in our power to protect what we love. 

To my community, and those around the world, I thank you for providing hope. Stay safe, reach out, and take good care of one another.

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