The Power of Legacy Giving

What legacy would you like to leave the world?

The Power of Legacy Giving

Painting by Drea Rose Frost (
Painting by Drea Rose Frost (

What legacy would you like to leave the world? More and more Columbia Riverkeeper supporters are choosing legacy gifts for clean water.

Take Gayle Kiser. I first met Gayle in 2005 when Bradwood Landing proposed to build a pipeline through her land in Cowlitz County to connect to a liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal on the Columbia River. Together, we protected her land from that pipeline and Gayle’s activism extended far beyond her own land. She volunteered for years fighting coal and LNG developments and served on Riverkeeper’s board of directors. She continues to support Riverkeeper as a donor and by including Riverkeeper in her will.

I recognize how important the work being done by Columbia Riverkeeper is to the Northwest and to the future. While I am here, I will continue to send monetary support. I included Riverkeeper in my will because I consider the organization family and this is one way I can show my appreciation for all they do.

You can leave a legacy of clean water and healthy salmon runs. Consider a gift to Riverkeeper in your will or trust, retirement plan, or life insurance. Legacy giving provides an opportunity for impactful gifts.

We recently received two legacy gifts to fight for clean water now and into the future. First, the estate of Barbara Mendius gave $82,000. Barbara was a passionate environmentalist and volunteer who supported many nonprofit organizations. She had given $50 or $100 per year for several years and surprised us with the large legacy gift. Riverkeeper is proud to carry on Barbara’s passion for clean water.

Second, the estate of Robert “Jake” Jacob donated $25,000. Jake, the builder and owner of the Cannery Pier Hotel in Astoria, OR, was a dreamer. He held a vision of a better world and he invested in that dream. He was a key figure in defeating LNG export projects near Astoria and Warrenton. Jake’s impact on the Columbia River did not end when he passed away last year. With Jake’s legacy gift, Riverkeeper will continue to work with communities threatened by fossil fuel development.

Consider the perks of legacy giving: Clean water. Strong salmon runs. Healthy communities.

Legacy gifts make sure your cherished values live on. Your commitment to clean water will make a difference: the next generation will feel the thrill of landing a Chinook salmon and the joy of diving into the Columbia’s clean waters.

Our Goal: 20 New Legacy Giving Circle Members for 2020

Join Our Legacy Giving Circle by including Columbia Riverkeeper in your will or trust, retirement plan, insurance policy, or other giving vehicle. Have you already included Riverkeeper in your plans in any amount? Please let us know so we can thank you and welcome you to the Legacy Giving Circle. To learn more, contact Riverkeeper’s Donor Relations Manager, Emily Kao, at, 541-399-5591 or Executive Director, Brett VandenHeuvel, at, 503-348-2436.


In this Issue: It’s time to celebrate 20 years of amazing victories for clean water. Each of you makes Columbia Riverkeeper a force for good in these challenging times.