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Fully Evaluate the World’s Largest Fracked Gas-to-Methanol Refinery Proposed in Kalama, WA

Kalama Activists, October 2019

Did you see the Longview Daily News story about the Kalama methanol project? In the midst of a public health crisis, backers of the world’s largest proposed fracked gas-to-methanol refinery are pressuring Ecology to shortcut review of this massive, climate-wrecking proposal. So far, Ecology has followed the law and is poised to produce a full, thorough analysis of the methanol refinery’s climate-changing pollution. We know that an honest study of the proposed fracked gas-to-methanol refinery will show that the project is a huge threat to Washington’s climate goals. 

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Ecology decided, in November 2019, to require a second supplemental Environmental Impact Statement to address major gaps in the flawed, skewed analysis put forward by the project’s backers. These flaws include misleading claims by Northwest Innovation Works, the company behind the project, regarding the pollution impacts of the refinery. Northwest Innovation Works also falsely claimed that the methanol produced by the refinery would not be burned as fuel—to avoid admitting that burning the methanol would generate millions of additional tons of climate-changing pollution each year.

To date, the project’s supporters, including the Port of Kalama and Cowlitz County, have refused to provide information that Ecology needs to complete its review of the project. This forced Ecology to require a new analysis in 2019. Now, backers of the project are pressing Ecology to shortcut its review.

Here’s what we expect to happen next:
  • First, join us in sending a message to support Ecology requiring a full, thorough, study of the Kalama project. 
  • Second, share these videos that highlight the importance of Ecology’s strong stand for science.
  • Lastly, we will stand firm in refusing to allow Northwest Innovation Works to pollute Kalama and our climate for decades to come.
Thank you for your help in this difficult time. We are strong when we stick together.
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