Trump Agencies’ Plans Hurt Salmon and Orcas; We Need Real Solutions

We Need Real Solutions Now! Populations of Snake River Salmon, and the Orcas They Support, are Collapsing

Trump’s attack on environmental protections continues, and salmon, steelhead, and Southern Resident orcas need your help. Once again, federal agencies that manage the dams on the Columbia and Lower Snake rivers—led by the Trump administration—have rejected desperately needed solutions in favor of the failing status quo. Without serious actions to address this issue, including Lower Snake River Dam removal, we risk the extinction of these iconic species. 

The science shows that the recently released Biological Opinion (BiOp) and the soon-to-be-released Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) will not recover abundant salmon and steelhead. These plans, put forward by the Trump administration, closely resemble previous federal management plans that also failed to restore fish runs or pass legal muster. Once again, the Trump administration agencies in charge of the dams have failed the salmon, steelhead, orcas, Northwest tribes, and our communities. 

We need real solutions now! Dams on the Snake and Columbia rivers make the water too hot for fish. Populations of Snake River salmon and steelhead, and the orcas they support, are collapsing. We can’t afford to wait any longer.

Stakeholders from across the region are calling for an inclusive solution that:

  • Restores abundant, harvestable salmon populations in the Columbia-Snake River Basin;
  • Invests in our regional economy and communities, including farming, fishing, recreation, port and Tribal businesses;
  • Fulfills our federal treaty and trust responsibilities to Northwest tribes and honors their identity and cultural values;
  • Ensures a reliable, affordable, and clean power system for the Northwest.

Together we can achieve these goals. Speak up for the river, and tell Senator Wyden and Representative DeFazio that we need their bold leadership—including removal of the Lower Snake River dams—to allow the fish, the orcas, and the communities that depend on them to thrive once again.


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Tell Senator Wyden andRepresentative DeFazio that you expect strong leadership.