Lend a Hand to Support Communities Affected by the Wrath of Wildfires and Climate Change


The Pacific Northwest is experiencing tremendous loss and trauma this month. Fires are devastating communities across Oregon and Washington. Already, thousands of people have been displaced by these fires, and hundreds of homes, businesses, and community-gathering places have burned. People are suffering profoundly from the loss of loved ones, pets, homes, and portions of whole towns. And many are severely impacted by smoke and dangerous air quality.

There are efforts underway to support victims of the fires right now—and a wide variety of needs. Here are a few ways you can donate to assist some of the hardest-hit victims of recent fires:

  • Donate to the Rogue Valley Relief Fund, a new fund seeking to distribute $500,000 directly to help people most impacted by fires in the Rogue Valley, including the Almeda Fire which destroyed large parts of Talent and Phoenix, OR.
  • Purchase air purifiers, respirators and gift cards to distribute to impacted communities in Woodburn, Rogue Valley and Central Oregon.
  • Drop off essential supplies from now through September 18, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., at the Oregon Sierra Club Office, 1821 SE Ankeny St. in Portland. Check the Oregon Chapter Sierra Club Facebook for an evolving list of needed supplies. We've already sent several vans full of supplies to partners on the ground in Marion County and Southern Oregon and will send more throughout this week.

We are grateful to those who are working hard to provide assistance to people in impacted communities across the West Coast.