Webinar Recap: Chernobyl-like Catastrophe at Hanford?

Watch: Why Scientists Fear a Chernobyl-like Catastrophe at Hanford

Columbia Riverkeeper jump started its fall Love Your Columbia Community Webinar Series with a harrowing look at one of the most high-risk facilities at the Hanford Nuclear Site: the Waste Encapsulation and Storage Facility (WESF). Dirk Dunning, a retired chemical engineer and nuclear specialist from the Oregon Department of Energy laid out the extreme dangers of a failure at this facility, a facility housing a third of all radioactivity at Hanford. Amrutham Babu, outreach manager for Hanford Challenge, shared how she engages the community in light of such catastrophic scenarios and how we can all advocate for Hanford cleanup.

Check out “Why Scientists Fear a Chernobyl-like Catastrophe at Hanford,”  part 1 of the “Love Your Columbia Community” Fall online series. 

Why Scientists Fear a Chernobyl-like Catastrophe at Hanford Webinar 

How to Stay Involved:
  1. Take Action: Join us in supporting the Wash. Dept. of Ecology’s proposal to hold the U.S. Dept. of Energy accountable for a Hanford cleanup that protects people, salmon, and the environment, now and in the future. 
  2. Get Involved: Join our friends at Hanford Challenge for a Comment Writing Session with webinar participants Amrutham Babu and Dirk Dunning
  3. Stay Connected: Love Your Columbia Community offers ways to connect, stay informed, and be active on digital platforms
  4. Listen: Tune in to Conoce tu Columbia Riverkeeper’s bilingual Spanish-language radio show. 

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