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Microplastics & the Columbia River

Thank you for joining Microplastics & the Columbia River

On December 15, 2021, Columbia Riverkeeper hosted “Microplastics & the Columbia River,” a webinar with Kirsten Kapp. She shared her groundbreaking research on microplastic pollution in the Columbia River and helped us understand the sources and impacts of microplastics and what we can do about it. 

Check out the recorded webinar here and share it with your friends:

Know a student who would be interested in this? Check out and share our Microplastic Pollution Prevention curriculum for information and hands-on activities about the issues related to plastic consumption and how plastic pollution impacts the Columbia River. You can also check out our microplastics fact sheet in English or Spanish to learn more about this issue.

Thanks for learning with us and helping to keep the Columbia clean!

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