Earth Day Week of Action Kick Off!

 Join Us from Earth Day to May Day and Use Your Voice to Stand Up for Our Planet!


It’s Earth Day Week of Action and there are a lot of great opportunities to get involved and protect the planet. There is so much power in communities coming together and organizing to protect what they love. This year, from Earth Day to May Day, we invite you to join us to participate in daily actions and learn more about some of the amazing groups driving important work around the region.

Please share this list of actions with your networks so that we can continue to protect what we love. Thank you for using your voice to speak up for our communities and our environment. 


Get ready for Earth Day Week of Action


Happy Earth Day! Get ready—from Earth Day to May Day is the Week of Action and we want you to join us. Tell your networks:it’s time to take action. Each day this week we will post about actions you can take to get involved! Get a head start today!



Let’s kick off a powerful Earth Day Week of Action! You may have heard that Hanford is one of the most contaminated sites in the world. But, did you know that under the Trump administration the U.S. Dept. of Energy adopted a new rule about High-Level Radioactive Waste, laying the groundwork to abandon significant amounts of radioactive waste? Join us to demand the Biden administration reverse the High-Level Radioactive Waste rule. 


Earth Day Week of Action partner highlight: VerdePDX! You can’t fight for environmental justice without fighting for racial and social justice. We know that BIPOC communities and low-income communities are disproportionately affected by negative impacts from pollution. Thanks to the work of Verde for investing in justice by addressing root causes of systemic oppression and discrimination in our communities.  


Lower Snake River Dam Removal

Earth Day Week of Action Day 2: the path to dam removal is here! Rep. Simpson’s (R-Idaho) recently announced a serious proposal for federal legislation to save Snake River salmon; protect the rights of Tribal Nations; help starving orcas; and re-invest in infrastructure, agriculture, and clean, reliable energy throughout the Northwest. Join this historic moment to build an abundant and prosperous future starting with removing the Lower Snake River dams!



Earth Day Week of Action partner highlight: Oregon Just Transition ALliance (OJTA)! One of the main components of moving away from fossil fuels toward clean energy is a just transition. OJTA is an alliance of communities on the frontlines of climate change, economic exploitation, and environmental racism—moving Oregon toward an economy that values workers and the environment. Learn and support:


River Newe 

Earth Day Week of Action partner highlight: River Newe! When you love something, you protect it. River Newe is an Indigenous-owned organization with a community-driven mission: Our elders are our knowledge keepers & our youth see the world in a new way through intergenerational learning experiences within Shoshone-Bannock Traditional Knowledge and Teachings. This takes place in their traditional spaces, places, wild landscapes, and rivers through four values: honor, protect, restore, and heal. Learn more about how you can support this inspiring work.



Oregon Clean Energy Opportunity 

Earth Day Week of Action continues! Have you heard of the Oregon Clean Energy Opportunity (OCOE)? Led by frontline communities, social, and environmental justice groups, OCEO was created with the goal to reduce energy bills, support home upgrades, and create good jobs in clean energy projects. Here is where you come in—support the OCEO 2021 legislative campaign: 100% Clean Energy for All, Energy Affordability, and Healthy Homes! Get involved:


Coalition for Communities of Color 

Earth Day Week of Action partner highlight: Coalition for Communities of Color! Communities of color are often hit first and hardest by the impacts of social, racial, and environmental justice issues. The Coalition of Communities of Color's mission is to address the socioeconomic disparities, institutional racism, and inequity of services experienced by our families, children and communities; and to organize our communities for collective action resulting in social change to obtain self-determination, wellness, justice and prosperity. Learn more and support: 


MONDAY 4/26 


Let’s keep up the momentum for Earth Day Week of Action! Today’s focus? Zenith Energy. For years, Zenith has been profiting off transporting dirty, dangerous fuels—risking the health and safety of our communities and our environment. We can do better. Join us in calling on the City of Portland to protect what we love through solutions that create resilience, not more pollution. 



Earth Day Week of Action partner highlight: OPAL! Change happens when we empower community members to be leaders in these movements. OPAL (organizing people/activating leaders) is doing just that! OPAL is a grassroots organization aiming to build bases, fortify movements, and activate leaders in BIPOC and low-income communities. Learn more and support their work: 



Only a couple days left in Earth Day Week of Action! Let’s talk about Kalama. Over the last seven years, thousands of you have used your voice to stop the world’s largest fracked gas-to-methanol refinery from being built on the shores of the Columbia River. And we won! But, despite a massively successful campaign to stop the refinery, Northwest Innovation Works appealed the denial. Let’s show them we won’t back down. Take action: 



Earth Day Week of Action partner highlight: Causa! Time to highlight another local organization doing valuable work for our communities. Causa works to improve the lives of Latina/o/x immigrants and their families in Oregon through advocacy, coalition building, leadership development, and civic engagement. Learn more and get involved: 




Earth Day Week of Action partner highlight: The Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO)! Have you heard about the great work APANO is doing? APANO is a statewide, grassroots organization, uniting Asians and Pacific Islanders to achieve social justice. We use our collective strengths to advance equity through empowering, organizing and advocating with our communities. Listen and get involved: 


Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN)  

Earth Day Week of Action partner highlight: Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN)! When we empower our community members, we all benefit. PCUN is a valuable part of that movement. PCUN’s mission is to empower farmworkers and working Latinx families in Oregon by building community, increasing Latinx representation in elections, and policy advocacy on both the national and state levels. Learn and support:


Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC) 

Earth Day Week of Action highlight: The Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC)!  Protecting our natural environment is the most critical issue we are facing today. CRITFC coordinates management policy and provides fisheries technical services for the Yakama, Warm Springs, Umatilla, and Nez Perce Tribes. CRITFC’s mission is to ensure a unified voice in the overall management of the fishery resources, and to protect reserved treaty rights. Learn and listen: 


Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA) 

Earth Day Week of Action partner highlight: Native American Youth and Family Center (NAYA)! When the Native community thrives so does the entire region. NAYA creates a place for Native people to gather together and live the values of their own unique cultures. NAYA offers a wide array of comprehensive services and community-based solutions with the goals of eliminating poverty, hunger, family violence, and homelessness. Support and listen:



Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment 

Earth Day Week of Action partner highlight: Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment! Ready to hear about another organization doing amazing work? Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment exists to carry on time-honored sustainable environmental practices in the tradition of the Nimiipuu by facilitating and organizing tribal youth and adults in activities for the protection, enhancement, and promotion of mother earth and the Nimiipuu culture. Take some time today to support this important work:


Adelante Mujeres 

Earth Day Week of Action partner highlight: Adelante Mujeres! Ready to learn about another amazing organization? Check out Adelante Mujeres. It is difficult to capture the spirit of the word Adelante. It means move forward, go ahead, rise up and flourish. Mujeres means women. Adelante Mujeres provides holistic education and empowerment opportunities to marginalized Latina women and families to ensure full participation and active leadership in the community. Learn and support: 



Community Engagement



Happy May Day! Today is the final day of Earth Day Week of Action, but our actions do not end here. It is going to take all of us to protect what we love. So today we are calling on you to take action by sharing the Earth Day Week of Action page with five of your friends and challenging them to join you in taking action. When we organize together, we win!


VOZ Workers’ Rights Education Project 

Earth Day Week of Action partner highlight: VOZ! On this International Worker’s Day: Voz Workers’ Rights Education Project! VOZ is the only organization in the state of Oregon working with the day laborer community. Day laborers are temporary workers, many of them immigrants, many of them homeless, many of them facing multiple barriers to long-term employment. VOZ builds leadership and economic power in this community through economic empowerment, leadership development, and grassroots organizing. Support this important work today: