The Summer We Stop Zenith Oil-by-Rail

Now is the time to take action!

Are you ready to take action? In a matter of weeks, the City of Portland will make a critical decision that will impact the immediate health and safety of Portland’s residents, people that live and work near the rail lines that serve Zenith, and our climate.  Portland must decide whether Zenith’s oil-by-rail facility in NW Portland is consistent with the city’s land use goals. The answer: NO!

Now is the time to mobilize. We need you to join us in the fight for resilience! Here are three simple things you can do to get started:
  1. Sign the petition.

  2. Call Portland City Council Members to demand they say no to Zenith oil-by-rail.

    Dan Ryan
    Commissioner Ryan leads the Bureau of Development Services (BDS), which will make the decision regarding Zenith’s Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS)

    Mingus Mapps

    Ted Wheeler

    Jo Ann Hardesty

    Carmen Rubio
  3. Spread the word. Share this with your friends and networks. It is so important that they hear us loud and clear. 
Take Action

Portland, Oregon: City of Oil-by-Rail?