Columbia Riverkeeper is a pioneer in many ways, not the least of which is being an environmental non-profit with a volunteer Composer-in-Residence.

Deena T. Grossman
Deena T. Grossman

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Deena T. Grossman

Meet Deena T. Grossman, Columbia Riverkeeper's volunteer Composer-in-Residence. Deena’s music, originating from her deep connection to our natural world, is consonant with the goals of Columbia Riverkeeper–to widen awareness and appreciation of our environment and to take action through grassroots organizing and legal means to protect, restore, and care for the Columbia River.


About Deena

Deena creates music that is deeply rooted in the natural world and synergistically integrates a unique range of global stylistic influences. Mirroring the rhythms, patterns, and fluidity of nature, she highlights a universal interconnectedness and the importance of environmental stewardship. Her upbringing in Berkeley, California and later travels offered first-hand exposure to many musical cultures, including traditional American and Jewish folk tunes and music of Japan, Bali, and India. She combines these influences into a coherent, multicultural vision realized through dynamic, expressive, and variegate compositions. Deena has worked closely with some of classical music’s most influential figures of the 20th century including Lou Harrison and Thea Musgrave. With formative studies at the University of California Santa Barbara and The Center for World Music, Grossman received a Master of Music degree from Rice University, Shepherd School of Music. 

Oregon ArtsWatch reviewed Deena's concert inspired by the Columbia:

One of the cool things about the experience of listening to this music was the fact that a non- profit that is not a music organization has a composer-in-residence. Would it be possible for similar non-profits to create such a position? Imagine if Amnesty International, the World Wildlife Fund, or Doctors Without Borders had a composer-in-residence. It would be great if that became a trend.

Grossman’s environmental music poignantly expresses the mission and values of Columbia Riverkeeper, where she is composer-in-residence.

In September 2021, Deena hosted a concert benefiting Columbia Riverkeeper. Watch it here:

Check out Deena's website today to learn more about her work.