Building Momentum to Un-dam the Snake River

Columbia Riverkeeper delivers over 1,000 petitions calling for Snake River dam removal.

Building Momentum to Un-dam the Snake River

Today, I sent over 1,000 signatures and comments from Columbia Riverkeeper members to Northwest leaders and President Biden asking them to remove Snake River dams to protect salmon and honor Tribal rights. It’s humbling to see the outpouring of support for un-damming the Snake River and to help people from the Northwest and all across the country make their voices heard.    

If you already signed Columbia Riverkeeper’s petition requesting Snake River dam removal, Thank You!  

If you haven’t signed the petition yet, can you please take a minute to sign it now?

We need to show our elected leaders that Snake River dam removal is a pressing issue with grassroots support. And that’s only possible when folks like you step up and take action. Your voice is critical to building momentum to remove snake river dams, prevent extinction, and honor Tribal rights.  

We have a good opportunity, but a lot of work ahead of us. If you want to do even more to make Snake River dams history (like standing in solidarity with Native Youth or Northwest Tribes), please visit the Lower Snake River Dam Removal page on Columbia Riverkeeper’s website.

Take Action: Snake River Dams

Un-dam the Snake River. Save the salmon, stop the extinction.


1000 Voices for Snake River Dam Removal

Columbia Riverkeeper delivers petitions and comments to Northeast leaders and Biden Admin seeking a plan to un-dam the Lower Snake River.

Portland, Ore. (May 5, 2022)–Columbia Riverkeeper delivered over 1,000 signatures and comments to Northwest Senators and President Biden asking for removal of Snake River dams to stop salmon extinction and honor Tribal rights.  

The petition, signed by over 1,000 people from the Northwest and nationally since the beginning of 2022, asks federal leaders to “enact a plan for Lower Snake River Dam removal before the end of 2022.” 

“I’m excited to see the outpouring of support for Snake River dam removal and proud to help people get their voices heard to protect salmon and Tribal rights,” said Kate Murphy, Community Organizer for Columbia Riverkeeper. “We’ll keep gathering signatures and working to engage river communities on this issue to show our elected leaders that Snake River dam removal has momentum and broad grassroots support.”      

Regional leaders including Senator Patty Murray, Governor Inslee, Governor Brown, and Representatives Simpson, as well as the Biden Administration, have openly discussed or are actively exploring undamming the Lower Snake. Columbia Riverkeeper’s petition delivery compliments widespread efforts by Tribal and conservation groups to help these leaders deliver a plan for Snake River dam removal—before time runs out for endangered Snake River salmon and Southern Resident orcas.