Protect the places you love. Leave a legacy of clean water.

Love, Defend with Legacy Giving

What legacy would you like to leave the world? More and more Columbia Riverkeeper supporters are choosing legacy gifts for clean water, strong salmon runs, and our climate.

“The first time I saw the Columbia River, its beauty took my breath away. I included Columbia Riverkeeper in my will because there is simply no other organization as effective at protecting the ecology, health and beauty of that magnificent river corridor,” reflects Legacy Giving Circle member Nadene LeCheminant.

Let your values live on by joining our Legacy Giving Circle today. By including Columbia Riverkeeper in your planned giving, you leave a legacy of clean water and healthy communities for future generations. How? Consider a gift to Riverkeeper in your will or trust, retirement plan, or life insurance. Legacy giving provides an opportunity for deeply meaningful and restorative impacts.

Columbia Riverkeeper partnered with FreeWill to provide you with a free will-writing tool. You may think estate planning is not for you. Here are some common thoughts—and why they should not hold you back.

  • But I don’t have an estate! You don’t need to own a villa in France to need an estate plan. It’s important to have a plan for the things that matter to you—like who might take care of a pet, or who you want to have your favorite painting or family heirloom.
  • I’m too young to make a will. Whether you’re eighteen or eighty, a will is an expression of care for the people and causes you love, and you do not want to be stuck without one.
  • Won’t the government take care of my wishes? Without a will, the government can take control of your assets, making it far more complicated for your loved ones.
  • My spouse has a will, so I don’t need one. You absolutely need one! Even if your plans are identical, both parties should have a legal document. The most important part of estate planning is being prepared for any situation that may arise.
  • How can I get started? Consider contacting an estate planning attorney. You may also want to consider FreeWill. You can create your plan in less than 20 minutes online. You will complete the process with a will that is legally valid in all 50 states, at no cost.

Consider the perks of legacy giving: Clean water. Strong salmon runs. Healthy communities. Legacy gifts help to ensure your cherished values live on. Your commitment to clean water will make a difference: the next generation will feel the thrill of landing a Chinook salmon and the joy of diving into the Columbia’s clean waters.

Join the Legacy of Giving

Protect the places you love. Leave a legacy of clean water. Your gift can power important conversation victories for future generations.

Have you already included Riverkeeper in your plans in any amount? Please let us know so we can thank you and welcome you to the Legacy Giving Circle.

To learn more, contact Columbia Riverkeeper Development Director Dianne Riley and 541-399-3260, or the link below.

Newsletter Issue 2, 2022