The Story Behind the Illustrations in “Water’s Walk Through Hanford”

An interview with artist Try Cheatham about her inspiration for the illustrations in “Water’s Walk Through Hanford”

The Story Behind the Illustrations in “Water’s Walk Through Hanford”

Artist Try Cheatham looking up at the camera whilst standing on a reflective surface. Someone stands behind her with only their black-and-white canvas shoes shoes in the camera frame.
Try Cheatham

Have you seen our interactive story map, “Water’s Walk Through Hanford”? The story breaks down some of the most dangerous pollutants and cleanup areas at Hanford bringing the cleanup and accessible engagement to life!

Before you read the story, we thought it would be fun to learn the story behind the illustrations. A key aspect to bringing the story to life for young readers was the illustrations by Try Cheatham. Hanford is a beautiful landscape and we knew we needed an artist that would bring that onto the page. We saw Try’s unique use of colors on her website and knew she would be the perfect fit to get readers excited about learning about Hanford.

Try Cheatham is a Degreed Professional Artist, expanding Clement Greenberg’s ideas of 2D vs 3D, rejecting plasticity, and stressing the importance of relativity to our existence. Process-oriented work based on the concept of catharsis; experience and aesthetic metaphor intent on exposing or illustrating the underlying depth in each work.

We asked Try about her work. Here’s what she said:

Q: What inspires your work?

A: The possibility of achieving something I had previously thought of as unlikely or impossible, and transforming perception of my own capabilities.

Q: How does your art relate to activism?

A: In the ever changing social and political landscape, art remains the constant. Art has always been my way of responding to my surroundings, which has often led to societal critique and commentary.

Q: What is your connection to the environment and clean water?

A: Water Can Make Us Healthier, Happier, More Connected and Better at What You Do. Compounding the why of water: “The better we understand it, the more we appreciate it and value it."

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