Art for a good cause

Belt buckles available now! Get yours today to support the survival of Pacific Northwest salmon and steelhead.

We are excited to share a unique opportunity to support Snake River Dam removal from David Richardson, metal artists at COflyfishingart.

circular image of metal belt buckles laying on top of rocks, text on graphic reads: shop for a good cause support snake river dam removal

Here is a stylish way to show your support for Snake River dam removal and help protect the environment at the same time!  A portion of the proceeds from every purchase going to benefit Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment (a tribal non-profit organization working to remove Snake River dams), you can feel good knowing that you're making a difference with every buckle you buy.

Learn more about David and his unique, brass belt buckles below. 

What inspires your work?

I pull inspiration from many areas of life. I find myself drawn mostly to architecture, space exploration, human anatomy, and nature. I love to get out and hike and camp in remote areas where I am not disturbed by anyone or anything. Equipped with my fly rod and the sun on my back I can clear my thoughts and be one with my surroundings. Reading the way water moves in a small creek and/or a large river actively hunting for trout is very inspiring to me. The older I get the more I realize that "simple" is very gratifying.  

What is your connection to the Columbia River and Snake River?

My connection to the Columbia river and Snake River is simple, I want to help! It saddens me to see populations of fish decimated especially when it is because of mankind and the greed that drives it. I have a deep respect for cold water conservation and environmental awareness. It seems so simple to me to be helpful and preserve habitats that hold precious life support throughout the food chain. There is a way that humankind can keep traditions alive and foster environmental conservation if only we first see the world through the eyes of the animals we are hurting.  

How does your art relate to activism?

My art is meant to be enjoyed and spark some sort of emotional connection with the viewers. Also, it can be a vehicle for raising awareness of bigger issues. I want to make art that creates a lasting conscious thought. Art that can be handed down through generations of family members and the knowledge that "you" helped make a difference. Or, that "you" care enough to speak up and teach others the importance of protecting our planet.   

Anything else you'd like to share with Columbia Riverkeeper members?

Let's keep the forward momentum going and give the life that once was back to the river and the Tribes that depend upon it. 

Get to know the artist: 

Colorado native, Dave began drawing and sculpting at a very young age. In high school he started working in sculpture studios around Loveland, CO. During this time he was immersed in all aspects of sculpture and the lost wax process. Dave's sculptures are featured in both public and private collections throughout the USA and abroad and his work is on display in many galleries and museums. His sculptures have even been recognized by movie directors Guillermo Del Toro & Clive Barker. Dave is an elected Sculptor Member of the National Sculpture Society (NSS) and an associate member of the Society of Animal Artist (SAA). He is inspired by nature and architecture and has a unique style by blending the two together; applying nature to modern architecture.

A portion of each belt buckle purchase is going to Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment. Learn more about their work:

Snake River Dam removal is possible! Take a moment to sign our petition to President Biden.