Protect Your Mother Earth For Mother’s Day —Stop Zenith

Don’t Mess With Our Mother Earth—Zenith Oil Must Go!


Mother’s Day is coming up and we want you to join us in speaking up to protect our Mother Earth and stop Zenith Energy. Time to take action and send “Protect Your Mother’s Day” cards to Portland City Council members letting them know we are done with Zenith risking the health and safety of our communities!


For years now, Zenith has been moving dangerous, oil-by-rail through our communities in the face of massive public opposition—putting our communities, our environment, and our Mother Earth in danger. We are calling on the city of Portland to put an end to Zenith’s dangerous operations. 

Our communities have a better vision for our future than more of Zenith’s pollution. We’re calling on the City of Portland to deny the long-expired air pollution permit. Communities have a right to say no to these threats, and the City of Portland has an obligation to protect and prioritize the health and safety of our communities over the profits of fossil fuel corporations. 

On this Mother’s Day, let’s stand up to protect Mother Earth and demand that the City of Portland walk the talk by investing in proactive solutions that are protective of our communities and that build resilience for the pending climate emergency. 

Recruit your friends, your kids, your neighbors. Let’s pile the office desks at City Hall high with cards to protect our Mother Earth!  

Don’t have time to send a card? Sign our petition here.


Pop your Protect Your Mother’s Day cards in the mail before  May 9, 2021 to:  
Mayor Ted Wheeler

1221 SW 4th Ave,  Room 340

Portland, OR 97204

Commissioner Mingus Mapps

1221 SW 4th Ave, Room 210

Portland, OR 97204

Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty

1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 230

Portland, OR 97204

Commissioner Carmen Rubio

1221 SW 4th Ave, Room 220

Portland, OR 97204

Commissioner Dan Ryan

1221 SW Fourth Avenue, Suite 240

Portland , OR 97204

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