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Hanford—A Future Worth Fighting For

Watch our latest short film inspired by our collective legacy of tireless advocacy for the cleanup of the Hanford Nuclear Site and fight for the future of Hanford.

Celebrating 20 Years of Victories on the Columbia River

Every month in 2020 Columbia Riverkeeper will feature a harrowing David-versus-Goliath story of people coming together to fight for what they love. This month, we turn back the clock to 2015: the fossil fuel industry targeted the Columbia to build a massive oil refinery.  

In the news: Department of Ecology News Release - Jan. 6, 2020 Ecology issues $1 million fine to U.S. Department of Energy for not providing access to crucial data

The feds are withholding key information about cleanup at the most polluted place on Earth: Hanford. We support Ecology's decision to fine the Dept. of Energy for withholding crucial data.