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Swimmers Get Creative!

Engaging Communities

Cold Water Swimmers of the Columbia River Join Forces to Raise Money to Protect Clean Water


21st Birthday + Earth Day!

Many activities come to mind when planning to celebrate our birthday on Earth Day:

Paddling along your favorite spot in the Columbia, planting trees, and setting intentions on how to protect clean air and water heading into spring and summer.

Perennial News

Fighting Fossil Fuels

Victory Over Fracked Gas Power Plant

Clean Water Victory

Stopping Pollution

Lawsuit Spurs Stricter Toxic Limits, New Water Pollution Permit Affecting Hundreds of Industrial Sites

Mega Dairy News

Stopping Pollution

Oregon Agencies Pause Work on Easterday CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation) Permit on Former Lost Valley Farms Site

Saving Salmon:

Saving Salmon

What Will it Take to Save Salmon from Extinction?