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Email goof leaks corporate playbook

As a member of Columbia Riverkeeper, we thought you’d appreciate this story of corporate greed and community resistance.
Big kudos to the people of Lewis County who are taking on Crystal Geyser and winning!

Putting down roots at the Nichols Natural Area

Students learn, plants grow, and community roots dig deep at the Nichols Natural Area.
Read more to learn about recent developments with our education program and flourishing riparian habitat.

August Member Spotlight

As our Water Quality Technicians, Sam and Carly test water quality at 16 beaches in the Columbia Gorge and Portland area.

Court ruling upholds state’s right to protect public lands

The people of the Pacific Northwest strongly opposed dirty coal. And we won. DNR decision will prevent the shipment of climate-wrecking coal around the world. Washington is charting a new course for clean water and clean energy. We hope Millennium gets the message.

Updates from the Legal Team on Hanford

As someone who cares about Hanford cleanup, I wanted to share the latest developments—and ask for your help spreading the word about the dire need for cleanup at the most toxic place in America.