Conoce Tu Columbia

Columbia Riverkeeper’s bilingual Spanish-language radio show.

Tune in to Conoce tu Columbia, Riverkeeper’s bilingual Spanish-language radio show. Through inspiring interviews, music, and commentary, the program shares stories of people who protect our health and water from pollution. Listen live from 7 - 8 pm on Radio Tierra 95.1 FM Hood River or find archived episodes below.

A través de entrevistas y música inspiradoras, el programa comparte historias de las personas que protegen nuestra salud y agua de la contaminación. Sintoniza y aprende cómo puedes hacer la diferencia en tu comunidad. Escucha en vivo a Conoce tu Columbia cada dos martes de 7–8 p.m. en Radio Tierra 95.1 FM Hood River o encuentra episodios archivados abajo.

Latest Episodes
Farm Workers
Valentín Sánchez
Oregon Law Center

Listen to a conversation with Valentín Sánchez from Oregon Law Center. We talk about the rights that farm workers have and where they can turn if they need help. 

Tune in to Conoce tu Columbia
Available on Soundcloud and Radio Tierra

Tune in every month as we discuss the myriad environmental and social issues affecting Columbia River communities

Carlos Marroquín
Census and Mega Dairies

Tune in for a conversation with Carlos Marroquín y Ubaldo Hernández about making yourself count in the 2020 Census and about the negative impacts mega-dairies have in our rural communities. 

Recent Episodes
Lost Valley cows in manure, June 2017
Emma Newton
Community Organizer for Factory Farms Coalition

Listen to a conversation with Emma Newton about the negative impacts mega-dairies have in rural communities. 


Dominica Navarro
Northwest Center Alternative to Pesticides

Tune in for a conversation with Dominica Navarro of Northwest Center Alternative to Pesticides.


Dan Serres points out fossil fuel infrastructure along the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon, July 16, 2018. Thomson Reuters Foundation/Gregory Scruggs
Dan Serres
Conservation Director at Columbia Riverkeeper

Dan Serres, Conservation Director at Columbia Riverkeeper, joins Ubaldo for a conversation about the illegal dumping of radioactive material in Arlington, Oregon produced from fracking in North Dakota.


Yukiyo Kawano
Yukiyo Kawano:
Third Generation Hibakusha

Yukiyo grew up decades after the bombing of Hiroshima shares her story, from Hanford to Japan the impact of nuclear weapons among our communities.

Alfrieda Peters, photo by Alex Milan Tracy
Alfrieda Peters
Hanford Cleanup Advocate

Alfrieda works to protect the Columbia from Hanford’s nuclear legacy.

Simone Anter
Simone Anter
Staff Attorney, Columbia Riverkeeper

Listen to a conversation about what is happening at Hanford with Simone Anter, staff attorney, at Columbia Riverkeeper.

Recent Episodes
No Puedo Respirar
Ubaldo Hernández, Senior Organizer
No Puedo Respirar

Senior Organizer, Ubaldo Hernández, reflects on the lack of justice for George Floyd and countless others by recalling the unjust killing of Elfego Torres, 20 years ago in the Columbia River Gorge. 

Ana Elisa Wilson
Ana Elisa Wilson
Community Organizer with Oregon Rural Action

Listen with Ana Elisa Wilson, a Community Organizer from Oregon Rural Action, talk about climate change on Bradford Island which is highly contained with toxic waste and PCBs. 

Conversations with Latino/Latinx
Latino/Latinx leaders
from Oregon and Washington

Listen to Conoce tu Columbia, a conversation with Latino/Latinx leaders from Oregon and Washington, talking about the challenges our communities are facing on times of the COVID-19 crisis.

Ana Elisa Wilson
Ana Elisa Wilson
Community Organizer from Oregon Rural Action.

Listen with Ana Elisa Wilson a Community Organizer from Oregon Rural Action, talk about the participation in our communities and the importance about maintaining our natural resources on International Women's Day.

Food & Water Watch
Tarah Heinzen
Senior Staff Attorney

Food and Water Watch discusses mega-farms, the impact they create in our communities, and how we can participate in protecting our communities against these practices.

Tomás Bartolo
Tomás Bartolo
Community and Environmental Advocate

Learn about Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN), the largest Latino union in the State of Oregon.

Conoce Tu Columbia, Tonalli
Lauren Goldberg & Tonalli
Columbia Riverkeeper // KBOO Radio

Bradford Island cleanup; followed meeting the team behind Tonalli, a KBOO Radio program.

Eva and Marla
Marla Harvey & Eva DeCesaro
Transportation in the Gorge

Electric car-share program to start trial run in 2020


Kate Murphy
Kate Murphy
Community Organizer

Hear about Power Past Fracked Gas and why it is essential to participate in protecting our natural resources in our community.

Jean Mendoza and Francisco Maltos
Friends of Toppenish Creek

Community leaders from the Yakima area share their experiences working to engage the Latino community in the environmental movement and their work.

Marta Yera Cronin
Doctora Marta Yera Cronin
Presidente de el Columbia Gorge Community College

Aprendamos de como llegó a la posición que ahora representa y sus planes para el futuro de el Colegio y su envolvimiento con la comunidad latina en el área con oportunidades para la educación.


Rebeccah Winnier
Rebeccah Winnier
Northwest Fish Hogs & Yakama Nation Tribal Member

Hear about fishing culture in the Native community and Rebeccah’s family experience as a fisherman.

Simone Anter
Simone Anter
Associate Attorney

Simone works with the Yakama Nation to support increased public engagement in Hanford Nuclear Site and Bradford Island cleanup sites.

Bradford Island y Hanford
Un peligro para nuestras comunidades!

Escucha el programa para enterarte el porque nuestras comunidades estan en riesgo por la contaminacion que contienen estas areas.

Ubaldo Hernandez
Community Organizer

Ubaldo conducts community outreach on clean water while promoting equity, inclusion, and diversity. 

Dez Ramirez
Dez Ramirez
Columbia Land Trust Content Manager

Dez shares the importance of the Latin vote and the Thanksgiving celebration among the Latin community.

Carlos Marroquin
El dia internacional de los imigrantes
International Day of the Immigrants

Hablemos con Marta Verduzco, organizador comunitario de Hood River Latino Network, y Carlos Marroquin, voluntario con Conoce tu Columbia.

Conoce Tu Columbia, Anna & Ubaldo
Dia De Muertos
Day of the Dead

Día de Muertos es una celebración mexicana que honra a sus ancestros.  

kids playing the columbia river
Swim Guide
Environmentalist Leaders

Columbia Riverkeeper collects water quality data at popular recreation beaches and shares results on the Swim Guide.

Yesenia Castro and Ubaldo Hernandez, conoce tu columbia september 2018.JPG
Yesi Castro
Una Caminante De Nosotros

Yesi shares her journey in the outdoors as a Latina and first generation in exploring the outdoor sports in the area and the creation of a new Latin hiking group.

Nichols work parties
Lorri Epstein
Water Quality Director

Learn about Nichols Natural Area, a conservation easement to restore nearly three acres of a former industrial site on the Columbia River in Hood River, OR.

How to help? / ¿CÓMO AYUDAR?

Contact Ubaldo Hernández, Columbia Riverkeeper, Community Organizer
Contacto Ubaldo Hernández, organizador comunitario de Columbia Riverkeeper 
(541) 490-7722