A petrochemical plant threatens the air we breathe.

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The fertilizer industry wants to convert fracked gas to anhydrous ammonia at a new facility located close to homes, businesses, and the Columbia River. People in Longview, WA, worked for years to protect their families and health from a proposal to build the nation’s largest coal export terminal. Now, Riverkeeper is teaming with community members to protect safety, health, and the Columbia from the latest fracked gas proposal.

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What’s Proposed

Pacific Coast Fertilizer LLC (Pacific Coast) wants to build and operate a 61-acre petrochemical facility to process fracked gas into anhydrous ammonia. The facility would store anhydrous ammonia several thousand feet from homes and transfer the ammonia in 100 to 200 tanker trucks per week and ocean-going ships.

Anhydrous ammonia is an extremely hazardous chemical that is corrosive to skin, eyes, and lungs; can be immediately dangerous to life and health; and, under certain conditions, is flammable and explosive.


In 2017 Pacific Coast submitted permit applications to the City of Longview. Before moving forward with permits, the City must produce an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that examines the project’s impacts on air and water quality, climate change, and other environmental consequences. The next step: the City will likely release a draft EIS for public comment in 2019.


Tell the City of Longview you oppose a dangerous anhydrous ammonia plant close to where kids play and people live.