Take Action: Protect drinking water in rural Oregon

Tell Governor Brown and EPA Regional Administrator Hladick: We need emergency action to address rural Oregon’s groundwater contamination.

Send a message to Governor Brown and EPA Regional Administrator Hladick urging them to protect drinking water in rural Oregon. Fill out the form above to send a message in real-time.

Mega-dairies in eastern Oregon pose enormous risks for drinking water. The mega-dairy disaster that unfolded at Lost Valley Farm demonstrated why these huge, polluting industrial facilities have no place in Oregon.

But Oregon regulators are currently considering allowing another mega-dairy to be built on the former Lost Valley site, so we’re taking steps to protect drinking water from this proposal by asking the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to step in.

In the face of state inaction, the EPA could take emergency action under the Safe Drinking Water Act to address existing groundwater contamination.

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