Columbia Riverkeeper's members are community leaders, volunteers, and donors who share a vision for clean water.

Our Stories
Kalama Washington residents against methanol
Kalama activists

Kalama, Washington, residents are courageous and dedicated to protecting the Columbia and their community. 

Peter and Bridget
Capt. Peter Wilcox and Bridget Bayer

Peter and Bridget have dedicated countless hours to clean water and Riverkeeper over the last decade. 

Paloma Ayala
Paloma Ayala

Paloma connects her passions for the outdoors and photography with her commitment to justice and sustainability.

Cheryl Johnson and Ted Messing
Cheryl Johnson & Ted Messing

Imagine a fairytale where a librarian and an artist, living in a cabin in an enchanted forest, slay the evil dragon who threatens their friends and family. That is Cheryl and Ted's story; two remarkable human beings who protected river communities from multi-billion dollar liquefied natural gas terminals and pipelines.

Love Your Columbia Day 2017
Love Your Columbia Day 2017 Volunteers

Over 500 volunteers across the Columbia Basin made our 2017 Love Your Columbia Day a huge success. We celebrated with 15 different events and collected nearly 16,000 pounds of trash along the river. This tally doesn’t even include the acres of invasive weeds we cleared or the many community barbecues, float trips, and celebrations.

Courtney Rae
Courtney Rae

Riverkeeper held an Earth Day clean up event at the Smith & Bybee Wetlands in Portland, organized by volunteer Courtney Rae. Fifteen volunteers picked up 25 bags of garbage and removed several hundred pounds of blackberry bushes. 

Marissa Naranjo and Robbie Anderson
Marissa Naranjo and Robbie Anderson

As Riverkeeper’s Clean Water Champion Interns, Robbie and Marissa are developing culturally appropriate materials on pollution and solutions. 

Linda McLain

Linda is a one woman powerhouse. Linda’s volunteer work extends far beyond reviewing detailed spreadsheets; she was in the trenches, fighting the oil-by-rail terminals threatening Vancouver.

Paul K. Anderson

Paul is an active volunteer in our campaign against coal export on the Columbia and helps us educate the public by generously donating his amazing photographic skills. 

Lani Jo Leigh
Lani Jo Leigh

Lani Jo, owner of the Clinton Street Theater in Portland, is inspired by the artists and activists who are doing good in our communities. 

Laura Rickett
Laura Rickett

Laura collects water samples from various popular swimming and recreation sites in Hood River and tests them for E. coli to ensure public safety. 

Gayle Kiser

Gayle was a key leader in Longview, WA, to defeat Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and coal export terminals. 


Take a stand for clean water and healthy communities. 

Partner Spotlights:
Sam Drevo
Sam Drevo and GiveGuide Sponsors

A big thank you to our business sponsors eNRG KayakingBig WindsSensi Graves Bikinis, and Pistil Designs, for providing fun incentives for giving.

Maura Fahey
Maura Fahey and Crag Law Center

Riverkeeper deeply appreciates Maura Fahey and the Crag Law Center for representing Riverkeeper in our efforts to protect the Columbia River.

Wisdom of the Elders, 2018
Wisdom of the Elders

We salute Wisdom of the Elders, which provides environmental conservation training and career pathways for Native American adults.

Alfrieda Peters, photo by Alex Milan Tracy
Alfrieda Peters

Alfrieda Peters serves as the education and outreach specialist for the Yakama Nation Environmental Restoration and Waste Management (ERWM) Department.

ammonia forum
Cowlitz County Volunteers

Lower Columbia Stewardship Committee: We salute the incredible team of volunteers who made the forum possible.  

Power Past Fracked Gas Rally in Olympia, WA on February 21, 2019, photo by Ale Blakely.
Power Past Fracked Gas Activists

Climate activists delivered nearly 150,000 public comments to Governor Inslee urging him to help Washington state "Power Past Fracked Gas"!

Why do you support clean water?
Mari and Enrique Ortega, owners of Lake Taco
Mari and Enrique Ortega

A big thank you to the owners of Lake Taco for supporting community groups, Organizing Latin Advocates (OLA) and Comunidades.

Robert “Jake” Jacob
Robert “Jake” Jacob

Jake was a dreamer, he held a vision of a better world. Jake’s impact on the Columbia River did not end when he passed away last year. His estate donated $25,000 to Riverkeeper to continue the work of protecting the river.

Muddy kid at Nichols Planting
Nichols Natural Area Volunteers

Last fall, over 100 volunteers helped plant trees, spread mulch, and pull weeds at the Nichols Natural Area. The site is transforming thanks to our amazing volunteers who brave the elements to transform a former industrial site to thriving habitat.

Camp Kalama with "No Methanol" signs
"No Methanol!" Activists

Activists used a public comment period to highlight broad opposition to the world’s largest fracked-gas-to-methanol refinery, proposed in the Columbia River town of Kalama.

John Platt
John Platt

Ever wonder why Columbia Riverkeeper was founded 18 years ago? We asked John, a founding board member, this very question.

Kate Sundberg
Kate Sundberg

During the summer of 2017, Kate served as an intern in our Hood River office supporting efforts in our fighting fossil fuel campaigns with community organizing and events.

Joe Hickerson
Joe Hickerson

Folk musician Joe, performed at our Pete Seeger Celebration. For over sixty years he has performed and lectured throughout the United States, Canada, Finland, Ukraine, and United Kingdom.

Rev. Kathleen Patton
Reverend Kathleen Patton

Guest Letter from Kathleen: "In these desperate times, we each must find our voices and join with others to protect the Columbia, to protect the Earth."

Chris Turner
A Lasting Legacy
Chris Turner

Chris set a high bar for what a dedicated, passionate citizen activist can accomplish. Her passing on May 15, 2020 leaves us with heavy hearts. 

Why I give?
Carol Newman
Member since 2000

Her love affair with the group, the mission, and the “incredible human beings doing this work that so heavily impacts our local space” deepened during the LNG fights. She has remained a steadfast supporter for 20 years, dedicated to protecting the river from dirty fossil fuel projects. “I have continued to support the organization because we are all one place, one river,” said Carol. “Columbia Riverkeeper steps up to get the job done!” 

Robin Cody
Award-Winning Author
Member since 2009

“Why? It’s a mystery, isn’t it? The more I probe the Columbia, the deeper it flows and the smaller I get. What, of our place, could be more worth keeping?” -Robin Cody, Portland, OR

Kate Goodnight
Volunteer E. coli Technician
Member since 2018

“No matter what type of background we come from, clean water is key to everything we hold dear, whether it’s the health of our human and natural communities or our regional economic vitality related to fishing, recreation, and tourism.” -Kate Goodnight, Hood River, OR

Jose Maya
Leadership Team Member
Member since 2017

“Riverkeeper is a great agency with a great cause; it deserves all the support we can provide.” -Jose Maya, White Salmon, WA

Rudy Salakory
Board Member
Member since 2017

“My children and their children depend on this river. Every stream I work on, every creek I cross, drains into the Columbia. Its course runs down the center of my world, and I’ll never stop trying to protect it.” -Rudy Salakory, Portland, OR

Jan Zuckerman
Fossil Fuel Activist
Member since 2013

“I support and volunteer with Riverkeeper because experience has shown me that they get work done. I can’t imagine a better way to invest my time and money than to give it to knowledgeable and skilled folks who spend 24/7 protecting our river through education and action.” -Jan Zuckerman, Portland, OR

Don and Alona Steinke, photo by Molly Solomon OPB
Retired Science Teacher
Member since 2013

“Climate change is probably the greatest threat in history. No one does a better job fighting fossil fuel exports than Columbia Riverkeeper.” -Don Steinke, Vancouver, WA

What does fighting for clean water and our climate mean to you?
Cathy Sampson Kruse
Nurse & Columbia Riverkeeper Board Member

“I was raised as my ancestors were: to cherish Mother Earth and all she provides our people and all other creatures living on and with her. I truly believe Columbia Riverkeeper is one of the most powerful allies we have to fight the good fight and protect all that is sacred.” -Cathy Sampson-Kruse, Waluulapum~Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, West Linn, OR

Melanie Plaut
Retired OB-GYN

“I used to think that someone else would take care of the climate. But then I realized that there is no someone else—we are all going to have to do it together.” -Melanie Plaut, Portland, OR

Cam Keely at Climate Strike

“As a student pursuing an ecology major, protecting ancient forests is one of the many reasons why I fight to combat the climate crisis. I am proud to be a part of the activist community safeguarding our clean air, water, & soil.” -Cambria Keely, Kalama, WA

Paulette Lichatowich
Former Port of Columbia Co. Commissioner

“I fight for clean water and climate change because living in the Northwest is my sense of place and that means fighting to protect all our natural resources including water, salmon, and trees.” -Paulette Lichatowich, Columbia City, OR

David Roth
Financial Planner, Gorge Sustainable Investing

“I want to be able to look my three boys in their eyes and say I did everything I could on my watch. Clean water is not an option; it is a fundamental right, and obligation to all beings.” -David Roth, Hood River, OR

Dez Ramirez
Content Manager, Columbia Land Trust

“I fight for clean water and our climate because environmental justice affects all of us. Educating ourselves and our younger generations, and figuring out how we can make a difference—even in small ways—is crucial.” -Dez Ramirez, Portland, OR