Swim Guide 2020

We're still monitoring! Monitoring launched June 8, 2020. Through summer, Riverkeeper will monitor beaches to track water quality conditions.

Swim Guide makes it easy to find clean water and a nice, accessible swimming beach. Columbia Riverkeeper tracks water quality trends on Columbia River beaches and adds more beaches to our database every year.

Summer isn’t canceled, and we know many people are venturing to Columbia River beaches to unwind and enjoy the river. This summer, Riverkeeper will monitor beaches to track water quality conditions. Monitoring launched June 8, 2020, and you can find our up-to-date results on the Swim Guide.

Swim guide

From June to September, Riverkeeper will collect water quality data at 16 popular recreation beaches and share results on the Swim Guide, a free mobile app and website. You can check current E. coli levels, find new beaches, and get directions to new swim spots. With over 4 million users and more than 8,000 beaches and swimming holes in 10 countries around the world, Swim Guide connects people to the water and helps protect their health. Download Swim Guide app today!

If you have concerns on how COVID-19 affects water quality and risks of exposure while swimming, you can learn more here

Swim Guide provides: 
  • Tools to locate the nearest spot to cool off on a hot day. 
  • Unique site descriptions and photographs. 
  • Data on E. coli levels and information about local beaches. 
  • Detailed walking, biking, or directions. 
  • Simple tools for reporting pollution problems and environmental concerns.