Businesses for the River

Stop the Extinction: Sign-on letter

Know any Oregon businesses that want to stop extinction? This letter will show elected officials that un-damming the Snake River to save salmon is a critical Oregon issue.

Read our letter below, and sign on today!
Snake River salmon and Southern Resident orcas are facing extinction. Without urgent action to remove the Lower Snake River dams, we will lose these iconic species. We are inviting Oregon businesses to use the power of their collective voices to call on our leaders to stop extinction. 

Dear Governor Kate Brown, Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Representative Peter DeFazio, Representative Kurt Schrader, Senator Wyden, and Senator Merkely:

We are small business owners, including: chefs; fishmongers; distributors; wholesale and retail market owners; winemakers; brewers and distillers; and restaurant owners. In short, we are businesses in Oregon that oppose the extinction of Snake River salmon. For Oregonians, salmon is more than a fish. More than a food, a product, or a brand, it is a critical part of our ecosystem and is deeply connected to our sense of place and our cultural identity.  

But salmon in the Columbia River basin are struggling. Urgent work is needed to prevent extinction and restore abundance in a way that brings everyone—including Oregon businesses—forward together. We recognize and appreciate your efforts to date to protect salmon in the Pacific Northwest, and we ask for your bold leadership at this moment of great urgency and opportunity. 

We strongly support the ongoing collaboration between Tribes, stakeholders, state and federal policymakers, and the Biden Administration to remove the Lower Snake River dams and re-invest in our communities and critical infrastructure. With today’s technology, we can replace the services that the Snake River dams provide and accomplish the greatest salmon restoration project in our nation’s history. We need your committed leadership and engagement to make the most of this political moment. 

All Snake River salmon visit Oregon twice in their lives, as they migrate to and from the ocean. And many runs of Snake River salmon spawn in the rivers of northeast Oregon. As a keystone species, salmon help define our ecosystem. So much so that nutrients from salmon can be found in the trees. Over 135 species depend on salmon, including the thousands of people who fish for them each year. Losing these fish would directly affect Oregon businesses, families, Tribes, and our shared environment. Therefore, you should begin treating Snake River dam removal as a crucial “Oregon” issue.

The salmon do not have a choice. We do. This moment calls for urgent action. In 2022, we call on you to help pass legislation to remove Lower Snake River dams, recover salmon, deliver justice to Tribes, and invest in critical infrastructure upgrades. Thank you for considering our concerns and interests. Please contact us if you have any questions or if we can assist in any way. 


Meet our friends: Our Northwest Opportunity

We have more momentum than ever before. But we must act now. If we don’t, Northwest salmon could go extinct.

Between now and July 31, we need all hands on deck—and there will be plenty of ways to engage. Feeling inspired? Here are some easy ways to get started right now:
  1. Call your elected officials: Let them know why saving salmon and orcas matters to you.
  2. Check out upcoming events: There are many ways to get involved this spring and summer.
  3. Learn about the effort to remove the dams and save salmon.
  4. Donate to support our work.