Take Action: Fracked Gas Power Plant Pollution

Tell Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to reject an increase in harmful pollution at PGE’s Carty Gas Plant.


Portland General Electric (PGE) proposes to increase air pollution in an area with frequent air quality advisories and alerts. That’s plain wrong. Speak up for public health: Tell Oregon environmental regulators you oppose more pollution from PGE’s fracked gas power plant, located near Boardman, OR. You have until December 17, 2021, to take action!


Dear Director Whitman and Ms. Swofford,

I have serious concerns about the modifications proposed by Portland General Electric (PGE) to the Air Contaminant Discharge Permit (ACDP) for the Carty Generating Station. In the midst of a worsening climate crisis, our focus must be on reducing harmful emissions and protecting people’s health and cultural resources impacted by air pollution. 

I strongly urge DEQ to consider the following:

  • Public health impacts of increased carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds (VOC) pollution. DEQ should not allow PGE to increase harmful carbon monoxide and VOC pollution. 
  • Air quality near the facility and in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. The proposed pollution increases would affect air quality near the facility and in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, which already experiences haze and other air quality problems. Studies should be done on the potential impact of smog-forming pollution on the Gorge National Scenic Area and nearby communities.
  • Fracked gas is not a climate-friendly energy alternative. Multiple studies demonstrate the cradle-to-grave climate change impacts of fracked gas. Negative health impacts —from extraction, through transport, to combustion—disproportionately burden frontline communities.
  • Assess all options for holding PGE to lower pollution levels. DEQ proposes an hourly limit during startup and shutdown. But these hourly emissions still result in a massive annual increase in smog-forming pollution, based on PGE’s expected operations. This is unacceptable. 

In the midst of a climate emergency, we need to focus on reducing emissions—not giving a green light for more pollution! DEQ’s current plan to exempt fracked gas power plants like Carty from its so-called “Climate Protection Program” means DEQ should be doing more to rein in pollution. 


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