Take Action: Snake River Dams

Un-dam the Snake River. Save the salmon, stop the extinction.

President Biden and Northwest leaders: Keep your promises, prevent extinction.

Northwest Leaders and President Biden:

Pacific Northwest Salmon and Southern Resident Orcas are facing extinction, and we are calling on you to act with the urgency this moment demands. We are counting on your leadership to save these iconic species from extinction. 

It’s time to remove the four Lower Snake River dams and replace the services they provide. 

The science is clear: the four Lower Snake River dams make the river too hot for salmon, and dam removal is our last best chance to prevent the extinction of salmon and orcas while honoring Tribal rights and leadership. 

I appreciate your promises and leadership so far. But, as salmon and orca populations sink towards extinction, we need swift, effective action before it is too late. Please enact a plan for Lower Snake River Dam removal before the end of 2022. 

Want to Do More? Here are some ideas: 
  • Call: Nothing beats a phone call for that personal touch. Use this tool to find phone numbers for your elected representatives, and let them know Snake River dam removal matters to you. 
  • Write: Send a Letter to The Editor of your local newspaper in support of Snake River Dam removal. LTEs let our leaders and fellow Northwesterners know that dam removal is important to their communities.  
  • Volunteer: Sign up to receive information from Columbia Riverkeeper about how to get involved and support Snake River dam removal.
  • Learn: Read why Snake River dam removal is both important and practical.
About the Issue

We must unite around solutions to remove the four Lower Snake River Dams.