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No one is above the law
What's New?
aerial, photo by Port of Vancouver
Fossil Fuel and Climate Policy Efforts
What's going on in Vancouver, WA? 

This year, Vancouver will make important decisions regarding new or expanded large-scale fossil fuel facilities.

Hanford scenery
Important Hanford Comment Period
Now - February 22, 2022

The federal government is about to make a major decision about the future of radioactive tank waste at the Hanford Nuclear Site.

smoggy factory
Thousands Submit Comments in Opposition To PGE’s Request to
Increase Pollution at Carty Generating Station

"PGE’s proposal to increase harmful pollution is a serious environmental justice issue and is a danger to public health and our shared environment,” -Kate Murphy, Columbia Riverkeeper

Harmful Algal Blooms FAQs (photo by
Emerging Issue
What are harmful algal blooms?

Sick dogs, unsightly scummy water, and distressing media stories.

Purcell Mts reflect in calm water near Spillimacheen, BC, photo by peter marbach
About the Columbia River
The Mighty Columbia

The Columbia River Basin drains water from a diverse landscape the size of France, from lush rainforests to craggy mountains to the high desert. 

conoce tu columbia
Conoce tu Columbia
Bilingual English and Spanish Podcast

Featuring the voice of Oregon activist and host, Ubaldo Hernández, explores the intersection of social and environmental justice, public health, and clean water.


Columbia Riverkeeper works to protect, restore, & care for the Columbia River.



How we do it:


We protect Columbia River communities and habitat from new threats, such as fossil fuel export terminals and intensive industrial development.


We restore our right to clean water and healthy fish by reducing toxic pollution.


We care for the river by providing hands-on opportunities for diverse communities to engage with their river.

Victory Edition Newsletter—Read it Now

Annual report; Victories in 2021; What Lies Ahead in 2022


We use legal advocacy and community organizing to stop pollution, fight fossil fuel terminals, save salmon, build stewardship, and clean up Hanford.