Columbia Riverkeeper is regularly featured in national and regional media, because we work on important climate and clean water issues.

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Fracked Gas
September Enews

September News: Washington Dept. of Ecology (Ecology) confirms that the world’s largest fracked gas-to-methanol would be a major greenhouse gas emitter, and it would lock us into decades of harmful pollu

River Currents Newsletter Issue 2 2020

In this Issue: Get inspired by the last 20 years of impactful work in solidarity with local and regional heroes of our movement.

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Columbia Riverkeeper is regularly featured in media discussing our work on important climate and clean water issues. 

Washington Petrochemical Plant Subsidies Would Violate Federal ‘Double Dipping’ Rules Say Environmental Groups

A plan to build a natural gas–fueled petrochemical plant in Kalama, Washington, ran into a new legal hurdle last week, as a coalition of environmental groups raised new objections to its construction.


Recent press highlights:

Oregon Public Broadcasting
"Federal Environmental Policies during Pandemic Raise Concerns across NW"

"State agencies and advocates have been alarmed by federal environmental policy rollbacks that continue unabated by the global coronavirus pandemic."

Power Past Coal Rally, photo by Alex Milan Tracy
"The Making of 'The Thin Green Line'"

“The [fossil fuel corporations] clearly misjudged how fiercely we will protect this place" -Brett VandenHeuvel

Brett VandenHeuvel, Executive Director, Columbia Riverkeeper
"How a Dead Whale Gave New Life to the Debate over Dams in the Pacific NW"

"It was the greatest salmon fishery in the world..."
-Brett VandenHeuvel


Columbia Riverkeeper's work on important climate and clean water issues is regularly featured in the news.

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