The Columbia

The Columbia River is the lifeblood of the Pacific Northwest. People depend on the Columbia for clean water, salmon, and much more.

the Columbia River at sunset - photo by Liv Smith

The River

The rich history and vibrant present of the Columbia River captivates people around the world. Learn about water quality in the Columbia, and tap into information about the river’s human and cultural history.

Tribal Nations

Columbia Riverkeeper works in solidarity with many Tribal Nations. Learn about the diverse cultures of Columbia Basin Indigenous people, as well as their sovereignty and governments, in their own words.


The Columbia River has been, and continues to be, a dumping ground for pollution. The river is also a workhorse: the mainstem Columbia is home to 14 dams, and there are over 450 dams throughout the Columbia Basin.

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Swim with Confidence

Is it Safe to Swim? We monitor bacteria levels at popular beaches on the Columbia.
Use the Swim Guide app to find the latest water quality information.

Canada geese on the Columbia River take flight from the Hanford Reach.

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